Shoes enterprises exporting to EU should be alert to excessive hexavalent chromium

A few days ago, two batches of safety shoes in Shandong Province were reported by France due to excessive hexavalent chromium. According to statistics, so far this year, EU repax has issued 11 leather products notifications, of which 9 are footwear notifications, and 7 are leather products with hexavalent chromium content exceeding 3ppm

in June 2012, the new version of safety shoes standard eniso20345:2011 approved by European Commission for Standardization (CEN) came into effect. According to the new regulation, hexavalent chromium content does not exceed 3ppm

in this regard, the inspection and quarantine department puts forward three suggestions to the enterprises: first, it is necessary to clarify the EU’s limit requirements for hexavalent chromium, especially to be alert to Germany and other countries with concentrated notification; Second, strengthen the detection of hexavalent chromium content in leather raw materials, and strictly monitor the environmental factors of storage and transportation of raw materials and finished products to avoid trivalent chromium being oxidized into hexavalent chromium; Third, strengthen the detection of hexavalent chromium content in safety shoes to ensure that the products meet the requirements of new EU safety shoes standards

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