Shoes lead Wenzhou manufacturing industry to open up global market

under the background of the global financial crisis, the business scope of Wenzhou people is growing. This year, “made in Wenzhou” began to “enter” some island countries with a smaller land area than Wenzhou. According to the latest statistics from Wenzhou customs, Wenzhou’s products have been distributed in 198 countries and regions around the world

according to China economic net reporter, this year, there are many new faces on the export destinations of semiconductors, motorcycle helmets and other products in Wenzhou: Saint Vincent and the GN, but Melilla, Tonga, French Guiana, Guinea (Bissau), Sao Tome and Principi, Cook islands. Besides the United States, Wenzhou shoes have also stepped up to enter the cold market with less involvement in the past, such as Egypt in Africa, Suriname in South America, and North Korea in East Asia. 1n the first half of this year, the export volume of Wenzhou shoes to Switzerland, Cuba, Jordan, Lebanon, Syria, Pakistan, Angola, Uganda and other countries and regions increased by more than 60% year on year

Wenzhou people have never been able to rely on it. During the financial crisis, Wenzhou private enterprises took the initiative to improve their strength and find the market, which laid a solid foundation for the economic recovery. Wenzhou wenjieer Foreign Trade Co., Ltd. received an order from a small South African country last year. Although the value of the goods is only RMB 10000 or RMB 20000, they all want high-grade goods. The unit price of the same goods exported to Europe is US $60, but the unit price of the goods exported to this small country is US $68. So far, they have sent six batches of faucets to the customer. Another Andriy Motorcycle Parts Co., Ltd. received an order from melilia, North Africa, in July this year, with only more than 20000 helmets, but another order came in December. The direct benefit of order recovery has opened up a favorable situation for enterprises to turn losses into profits. Statistics show that in June this year, Wenzhou clothing has successfully built the bottom, taking the lead in breaking through the encirclement; 1n September, the export value of Wenzhou shoes also began to achieve positive growth; 1n October, Wenzhou’s export of high-tech products increased by 8.5% year on year and 3.9% month on month

among the “going out” shoe enterprises in Wenzhou, the big exporters, such as Jindi shoes and Juyi group, have maintained a rapid growth rate, and the proportion of export volume is higher and higher. The export value of the first three quarters has exceeded or approached the export value of last year. The export value of Jindi shoes in the first three quarters has reached nearly 75 million US dollars. At present, the company has 20 production lines and more than 8000 employees in the headquarters, which can not meet the demand of orders. Many businesses are outsourced to other small and medium-sized enterprises. Recently, Aokang company exported 3000 pairs of shoes to Egypt for the first time. Relying on the exquisite manufacturing technology accumulated in the past 30 years, the strong backing of deep cooperation with SATRA, the world authoritative footwear research organization, the boundless R & D team composed of multinational designers and more than 10 industry-leading core technologies, Kangnai has created a number of high-end shoe series this year, such as “high-end business Shushi shoes”, “mass production Goodyear craft shoes”, “flexible sole technology shoes”. At present, they not only have more than 40 exclusive stores in Paris, France, but also have entered high-end shopping malls in Australia, New Zealand, Laos, Kazakhstan and other countries since the second half of last year, thus maintaining a double-digit growth in overseas markets

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