Shooting Tibetan mastiff to disperse square dancers

after someone fired a gun, no one came to dance in the small square any more

because the neighbors were dancing in the square and playing too loud, which affected their rest, Shi, 56, took out his double barreled shotgun hidden in his home and fired into the sky. He also released three Tibetan Mastiffs he raised to disperse the dancing crowd. Yesterday morning, Shi was tried in Changping court for suspected illegal possession of firearms< At 9 a.m. on the 5th, Shi was brought into court. According to the prosecution, Shi hid a double barreled shotgun in his home in Changping District from 1994 to August 2013. Around 8:00 p.m. on August 30, 2013. Shi had a quarrel with his neighbor about dancing and playing loud music, and then shot at the sky with his hidden shotgun. After identification, the shotgun is a standard gun. Procuratorial organs believe that the criminal responsibility should be investigated for the crime of illegal possession of firearms according to Shi, he likes quiet and doesn’t sleep well. Originally, he lived near the Fifth Ring Road. Later, he rented a piece of land near an abandoned old cement plant in Changping District to build a small yard to “hide quietly” because he felt that the traffic was too noisy. Unexpectedly, “it will be more noisy after this.”. Shi said that there is a small square next to his courtyard. Every morning and evening, a group of people dance in the small square, and play a large sound, “the music they play is very noisy, which makes my head ache and makes me unable to sleep.” because the mother of square dancing affected her rest, Shi had negotiated with Guo who organized square dancing many times, but it didn’t work all the time on the day of the incident, Shi had drunk too much and heard that music was playing near his home again. Shi was so angry that he grabbed a double barreled shotgun hidden in his home and shot it in the air Guo, a neighbor, confirmed that Shi first threatened him with a gun when the incident happened. After a few words of quarrel, Shi went back, and soon afterwards he heard a “bang” shot. After shooting into the sky, Shi released his three Tibetan Mastiffs and rushed into the dancing crowd, scaring the dancing aunt to flee because Guo and others reported to the police, the public security organs came to Shi’s home and arrested him. At the same time, they also seized four unused bullets. At that time, Shi was not conscious because he was drunk, and the police questioned him the next day when he talked about why he shot in the sky, Shi said that it was because he had been complaining for a long time and couldn’t find an outlet to vent his anger, “it’s the same as people who want to take something to vent their anger when they are in a hurry to break the pot and bowl.” the public prosecution organ believes that Shi has confessed and suggests that he be sentenced to six to nine months’ imprisonment. Shi’s defenders believe that Shi’s attitude of confession and repentance is good, and he is over 50 years old. They hope that the court can apply probation to him the case was not adjudicated in court reporter’s return visit after the gunfire, no one dances in the square the basketball court next to the old cement plant in Changping District has become a dancing square for the residents of the surrounding communities soon after its completion. Noise and music appear almost every night at seven or eight o’clock. Today, the square is empty, and the path next to the cement plant has become a deserted road, in sharp contrast to the surrounding residential area covered by light at 7:30 pm on the 5th, the reporter came to the old cement plant beside the railway bridge< There is only one basketball basket, two table tennis tables and a few rows of old sofas left in this square. On the ground with white paint in the red circle line written "left", "right", "slow down" and other words, showing the bustle here once within 2 meters of the square, there are several bungalows, some of which have their doors open directly beside the square. As soon as someone walked into the square, the dogs in the house kept howling” Stop yelling The owner’s voice of barking at the dog in the house can be heard very clearly across the square the staff on duty of the cement plant said that music would be heard at about 7:30 every night in this small square. On the other side of the railway, there are several communities. The middle-aged and elderly residents in the community like to gather here for group dancing. Although the duty room is about 50 meters away from the square, a lot of noise can still be heard inside. But since the shooting, put the Tibetan mastiff thing happened, here at night no one came “everyone is talking about it.” The staff member said that after the accident, the staff members talked to each other about their views on the incident. A lot of people think that if the noise is so loud, the houses on the side of the square are so close to the square, and they almost dance in front of other people’s houses, it will really bring disgust to people living on the side of the square. Some of them think it’s OK, because the time usually lasts only one hour. When they are on duty, they usually have nothing to do, so they just listen to music he said that he has only been on duty in the cement plant for a short time, and their staff will not be on duty here every day, so the influence of square dancing on them is certainly not as great as that of the people living beside the square” 1t’s so loud every day in prime time. 1 can understand those families. ” Because of the poor sound insulation of the houses, he suspected that they could not even hear the sound of the TV “1’ve had it for a long time.” A resident of another community who has been harassed by square dancing noise all the year round said that there is a similar square beside his own community, which often forces him to swear. He felt that this way did not take into account the feelings of the surrounding residents, so he was not qualified. But 1 have complained many times. People just turn down their voice and say, “the government should control it. Find a special place to dance, and other squares should be forbidden!” Article / our reporter Meng Yan new measures for governance establish a “neighborhood center” model to solve the contradiction of “square dance” for the problems caused by “square dance” noise, some provinces and cities have begun new exploration. At present, a new type of community planning based on “Singapore neighborhood center” has appeared in Tianjin, Fujian and other places “we don’t have much place to go in our public life,” says Yang Hongshan, deputy director of the Research Center for public governance and harmonious city of Renmin University of China. The large number of square dance participants reflects the lack of planning for indoor public space in China’s current urban planning, and citizens without local activities can only “go to outdoor squares.”. Yang Hongshan also mentioned that in the communities of some western countries, it is rare to see such outdoor activities involving many people as Chinese square dance in addition, Yang Hongshan also mentioned that the model of “Singapore neighborhood center” is worth learning from the planning of urban public space in China. 1n the process of urban community planning and construction, the Singapore government takes residential areas as social units for comprehensive planning, forming a multi-level community public activity center composed of neighborhood group center, neighborhood center, new town center and regional center these neighborhood centers are distributed in the government housing estates. They are planned according to the number of residents in the community, providing public activity space for community residents, and providing life supporting services such as education, culture and welfare at present, Tianjin, Xiamen, 1nner Mongolia, Xining, Qinghai, Kunming, Wenzhou, Jiangsu, Yangzhou and Suzhou have built neighborhood centers through franchising China labor insurance net

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