Should labor insurance be punished for wearing nonstandard clothes?

not long ago, Li Yanchun, the safety officer of oil reservoir operation and management zone 4 of No.2 oil production plant of Zhongyuan Oilfield, inspected the production site and found that the two buttons under the tooling of David Zhang, a worker at No.91 metering station, were not fastened, and the cuff was rolled up a few centimeters. 1n case something caught his clothes, how dangerous it would be! He immediately issued a ticket on the spot and deducted David Zhang’s one month bonus

this incident caused a big stir in the whole station, and the staff talked about it one after another. They thought that it was just that they didn’t fasten buttons, not that they didn’t wear work clothes, and the punishment was too harsh and impersonal

all kinds of voices are pouring in. Should we punish them or not? 1s the punishment too heavy? 1n response to these problems, the station conducted a public opinion survey. The survey results show that 55% of the workers think that the penalty should be imposed. They think that the labor protection articles are for the labor protection of the workers, and they must wear standard. There are also some people think that “whether wearing labor insurance is standard” should be included in the monthly assessment

another 40% of the employees thought that although Zhang did not do it right, the punishment was too heavy. There are a small number of workers who think that they should not be punished. They think that it’s not a big deal to roll up the sleeves of the work clothes a few centimeters and fasten two buttons less

at the safety production meeting on Monday, Li Yanchun, the safety officer, reported the investigation results to the staff of the whole station, and told a story he had personally experienced: “1 remember a few years ago when 1 was working in the pressurization class, once the running No.2 booster pump suddenly broke down and stopped the boiler. Without thinking much or reporting to the dispatcher, 1 started the standby No.1 booster pump by myself, Since we stopped using the booster pump for a long time, we went to check the process of wiping the booster pump. At that time, it was because two tooling buttons were not fastened, and the corners of our clothes were involved in the running oil injector of the compressor. 1f we didn’t take action quickly, the consequences would be unimaginable… Now, there are still some worries about the situation at that time. Nothing happened. 1t seems like a small thing, but what happened? There are all kinds of safety accidents around us. The reason is the same, that is, most of the accidents are caused by people’s mental paralysis, weak safety awareness, and lack of safety knowledge and necessary safety skills. There is only one life. You can’t try it with your body, or you won’t even have the chance to regret it. “< Li Yanchun's speech made all the staff deeply meditate... David Zhang also realized his mistake and said with deep feeling: “the metering station is a high-risk industry in petrochemical enterprises, with flammable and explosive, high temperature and high pressure, many pressure vessels and other adverse factors. Hidden dangers are everywhere, and safety is always the most important link we need to pay attention to. The trouble is accumulated in the neglect, and the trouble comes from the subtlety. Danger exists all the time. No matter how advanced equipment and modern management means we have, we can’t replace people’s conscious safety consciousness and sense of responsibility. As an oil worker, no matter in normal operation, patrol inspection, or in daily life, safety should be taken into consideration in all aspects. 1 am convinced to be punished! “ it is reported that “whether the wearing of labor protection is standard” has been officially included in the assessment system of the station

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