Should you wear protective eyes to watch fireworks during the Spring Festival

During the winter vacation, it’s the Spring Festival. During the Spring Festival, parents should be relaxed and happy, but also look after their children

safety first. Safety is the premise of health. During the Spring Festival, fireworks and firecrackers are the most likely to hurt children. Parents must always pay attention to the safety of children, strengthen the care of children, and do not let them set off fireworks alone. When taking children to watch fireworks, you should choose a safe area to watch, and if necessary, you’d better wear protective glasses, so as not to hurt children’s eyes

prevent poisoning and trauma. During the Spring Festival, some parents have to take their children back to their hometown in the countryside. Some rural hometown often store some pesticides or rodenticides, which many children in the city have never seen. Therefore, we must remind the family members to put away these drugs and not let the children touch them. During the Spring Festival, the flow of people and cars has increased. When parents go out, they should pay attention to safety. 1t is more important to protect themselves and their children than anything else

reasonable diet can prevent diseases, dyspepsia and diarrhea. During the Spring Festival, there are more greasy and delicious things, such as all kinds of sweets and drinks. Parents should try their best to limit their children’s regular eating and not let them overeat. Home can prepare some digestive drugs, such as stomach enzyme mixture, Jianwei Xiaoshi tablets, etc

prevent foreign body in bronchus. Every Spring Festival is the busiest time for otolaryngologists, because the incidence of foreign bodies in children’s trachea and esophagus shows an obvious upward trend, mainly because they eat nuts when laughing and playing

prevent respiratory diseases. During the Chinese new year, when family and friends get together, children’s life tends to be irregular and their emotions fluctuate greatly, which can easily lead to exhaustion, disorder of biological clock and decline of resistance. Therefore, children are most likely to catch a cold. Therefore, if the child’s normal physical condition is poor, parents should try their best to keep the child’s normal life rules and take the child to rest early to reduce the occurrence of cold. 1f you have children with allergic rhinitis or asthma, try not to let them go to places with bad air. 1n addition, you can wear masks and drugs to prevent acute asthma attacks

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