Shuangxing shoe factory realizes double harvest of labor protection shoes

Recently, good news came from Shuangxing injection shoe factory: the factory has obtained the “national industrial production license” of 15000 V high-voltage electrical insulating shoes in Shandong Province. This not only provides enterprises with more space for development, but also strengthens customers’ confidence in double star. A foreign trade customer in Shanghai is a perennial partner of Shuangxing injection shoe factory. When signing the supply contract with Shuangxing this year, he took the initiative to increase the order volume by 7%. Over the years, Shuangxing injection shoe factory has been adhering to the guiding spirit of “walking on two legs” put forward by Wang Hai, the president of the group, focusing on the production and operation of labor protection shoes. 1t has successively exported labor protection shoes with various performance to Japan, Singapore, the Philippines, France, the United States, the Netherlands, Russia and other countries. At the same time of stabilizing and developing the export customers, the factory takes the double star brand labor protection shoes as a new economic growth point, gives full play to the technical and technological advantages of making labor protection shoes, relies on the famous brand effect of double star, and through various efforts, continuously expands the domestic market, actively develops new customers, seizes the labor protection shoes market, and successfully enters the double star labor protection shoes into Qingdao port, CSR Sifang machinery factory, CSR Qingdao special automobile group, Liuting Airport and other large enterprises have expanded new areas of marketing. 1n Shandong Province of Weifang, Linyi and outside the province of Shenyang, Dalian, Shijiazhuang, Beijing and other regions also opened up a larger group buying market. With the help of 2013 Spring 1nternational Shoe Fair, Shuangxing injection shoe factory is stepping up communication and cooperation with new and old customers, striving to win the trust of more new and old customers by relying on excellent product quality and on-time delivery reputation

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