Shuangxing shoe industry implements technology strategy to seize high end market

in order to adapt to the ever-changing shoe market, Shuangxing group timely adjusted its strategy, changed its previous market strategy based on price competition, and instead relied on technology upgrading to improve the product grade, striving to produce the world’s leading vulcanized shoe manufacturing core technology, so as to seize the high-end market and seek development space. Since last year, in the fierce market competition environment, Shuangxing shoe industry has bucked the trend, and the export volume of shoes has increased by 30%

recently, in the production workshop of Shuangxing Luzhong company, workers are rushing to make a batch of high-end leisure sports shoes customized for American customers. Jian Zhaohong, director of sports shoes factory of Shuangxing Luzhong company, said: “this is a new product we have developed this year. We have made some innovations in the materials of upper surface, girth, sole and printing process, which are favored by customers. This year, our customers have ordered 180000 pairs of this product. “

in the past, Shuangxing Luzhong company mostly took export orders for low-grade rubber shoes, and made meager profits by low cost. After the outbreak of the financial crisis, the export competition of low-grade shoes has become increasingly fierce, and many shoe factories with insufficient strength have closed down. 1n order to overcome the unfavorable factors, Shuangxing adjusted its strategy in time, accelerated the development and design of new products and the application of new materials in several major shoemaking bases, and launched a number of high-end and personalized products, making the enterprise successfully break through the difficulties

the leader of Shuangxing Luzhong company said: “in the past, our products were mainly low-grade shoes, and the profit of a pair of shoes was just a few cents; Now our products have been greatly improved in technology, materials, quality and grade, and the profit is more than ten times that of the past. Now 60% – 70% of Shuangxing Luzhong company are medium and high-grade products. “

for diving shoes, even customers feel that it is very difficult to produce them. Customers have come all the way from the South and found many enterprises, especially foreign-funded enterprises. They all met with difficulties and failed to fulfill their wishes. 1n the end, they bet on the two stars. Through a series of technical research, Shuangxing Haijiang company has produced diving shoes that exceed customers’ expectations. At present, customers have returned orders for many times. 1n April this year, Shuangxing won the awards of CB1, the largest shoe distributor in the United States, for innovation, excellent products and technology, and won a large number of orders for high-end products sold to North America, Europe and other markets

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