Shuyang County Safety Committee takes many measures to prevent and control occupational diseases in high temperature season

Recently, according to the characteristics of occupational disease prevention and control in high temperature season, the County Safety Committee Office has taken many measures to promote relevant departments and employers to do a solid job in summer heatstroke prevention and cooling

first, we should strengthen the publicity of “measures for the management of heatstroke prevention measures” and “law on the prevention and control of occupational diseases”, standardize the physical examination of high-temperature workers before employment and heat stroke, strictly abide by the national standard of high-temperature working time, strictly control the working hours and continuous working hours of outdoor workers, and widely publicize the knowledge of heatstroke prevention and first aid, Effectively improve the protection awareness and self-help ability of employees< The second is to strengthen the supervision and inspection of construction sites, open-air workplaces and high-temperature jobs in industrial enterprises, and urge enterprises to formulate emergency plans for high-temperature heatstroke and prepare sufficient first-aid drugs; High temperature workers are equipped with work clothes with low thermal conductivity and good air permeability. According to different operation requirements, heat masks, work caps, protective glasses and other personal protective equipment are issued; According to the production characteristics, adjust the work and rest time, increase the number of work breaks, and equip the rest room with good ventilation, cool drinks and seats near the high temperature workshop; Ensure that workers working at high temperature enjoy the rights and interests of high temperature allowance the third is to take heatstroke prevention as an important work at present, and investigate and deal with a number of behaviors that violate the relevant state regulations and endanger the health of workers in accordance with the law in combination with the 100 day special rectification action of “anti three violations, eliminating hidden dangers and ensuring safety” and the law enforcement activity in advance of “one kilometer ahead, striving for a safe year”, Serious problems will contact the relevant media to be publicly exposed

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