Sichuan government attaches great importance to “industrial tourism” in women’s shoes city to create a scenic spot

recently, accompanied by Deng Jianzu, director of the planning and Design Department of Chengdu Tourism Bureau, Zhou Tao, deputy director of Wuhou District Sports Bureau, and Huang Fuhao, general manager and Lin Furong, deputy general manager of Sichuan western Shoes Capital Co., Ltd., Mu Tao, deputy director of Chengdu Tourism Bureau, visited and inspected the preparatory work for the establishment of AAA scenic spot in China Women’s shoes capital

as Chengdu’s first “industrial tourism” creating a scenic spot, the leaders of Chengdu Tourism Bureau attach great importance to it. After director Deng Jianzu’s inspection of creating a in China’s women’s shoes capital on July 28, deputy director Mu Tao personally led the team to inspect creating a again. During the inspection, the mother director highly affirmed the preparation, thought that the work of creating a was in good condition, meticulous and efficient, and put forward higher requirements for the later work to advance on time according to the time node, design and production, service training and project quality

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