Sidelights of safety production warning meeting in Anhui Province

At about 2:00 p.m. on October 26, the first big iron gate of Yicheng prison, located in the northern suburb of Hefei City, slowly opened. More than 100 people passed the strict security procedures and were divided into two groups under the guidance of prison guards. They entered the second gate of Yicheng prison in Hefei City in an orderly manner and took a seat in the prison culture square, A special course – Anhui Province production safety accident warning education on-site education course is held here

according to the arrangement, the participants will listen to the “confession” speech of two sentenced persons for production safety accidents in combination with their own criminal history and knowledge

two people were killed by demolishing an iron tower

the first speaker came to the floor under the leadership of the prison guard. 1n his 30s, dressed in prison clothes, he was stiff with a trace of timidity

“my name is Lin Wensu. On the morning of April 11, 2015, 1 took people to demolish the iron tower of Feidong mobile company. 1n order to simplify and save trouble, 1 simplified the demolition process, which should be divided into four stages, to one lifting and unloading. Moreover, the construction site is beside the highway. 1n advance, the safety area is not divided according to the regulations, and the road sealing measures are not taken. The safety rope used for fixation is replaced by cloth bags. 1n the process of lifting, the cloth bag was broken, the tower collapsed as a whole, hitting the vehicles waiting to pass on Baohe Avenue until two people died and one was seriously injured. ” Lin Wensu described the crime

“due to my weak safety awareness, the work safety link was discounted, resulting in two deaths and one serious injury. Although 1 obtained the understanding of the family members of the deceased through compensation and apology, 1 think of my elderly parents and can’t face it. Every time my children come to visit the prison and ask me when 1 can go home, my heart is like a knife. 1 think of my parents, 1 think of my inability to grow up with my young children, and 1 think of the innocent victims and their families in the accident… “Lin Wensu choked and his speech trembled

“1 would like to warn you that there are no natural and man-made disasters in production safety because of my blood lessons. All accidents are caused by human factors. We should always remember that production safety is greater than nature, and safety should be put first to produce maximum benefits. Thank the government leaders for giving me the opportunity to present my own experience…”

Lin Wensu, male, Han nationality, junior high school education, Born on December 29, 1982 in Yaohai District, Hefei City, Anhui Province, he was sentenced to one year and ten months’ imprisonment for the crime of major accident< My name is Hu Yongchun. When 1 was a child, my family was poor. When 1 was an adult, in order to change my life, 1 started my own business and opened a car beauty shop in Changhuai street The second prisoner began to speak on stage, wearing glasses, showing a trace of civility and shrewdness “in order to save costs, 1 transformed the front room circuit into a single two wire circuit without authorization, and the leakage protector installed did not meet the national standards, which laid a potential safety hazard. Because 1 did not inform the staff beforehand and conduct safety training, on September 1, 2014, a young employee died of electric shock when wiring the washing machine, which led to a major accident. After the incident, 1 was very afraid and chose to escape. 1 lived in uneasiness for several times. 1t was only after the case was brought to justice that 1 felt calm and thought of many things. Although more than 700000 yuan has been paid to the family members of the deceased, which has made my family in trouble, 1 do not ask for their forgiveness, because my violation of the law has not only ruined the life of a young man, but also the happiness of other people’s families and my own family. ” Hu Yongchun shed tears of regret “in the high wall, 1 lost my freedom and endured the pain of the prisoner all the time. Hu Yongchun, male, Han nationality, junior high school educated, born on July 20, 1979 in zuodian Township, Changfeng County, Hefei City, Anhui Province, was sentenced to two years’ imprisonment for the crime of major labor safety accident the two topics are thought-provoking time seems to pass quickly. After listening to the “personal experience” of the two prisoners, the participants all looked dignified. However, the two topics given by the person in charge of the personnel training department of the Provincial Safety Supervision Bureau, as the host, bring us into deeper thinking. First, what is the purpose of this warning education course? Second, what are the implications of the two prisoners’ speeches “from the next station to the outside of the prison gate, 1 feel cold. Through face-to-face interviews with two prisoners who have been jailed for serious accidents caused by their safety responsibilities, especially their criminal history, and combined with the fact that their own enterprises have also had safety accidents, as the person in charge of safety in the enterprise now, 1 personally feel the great responsibility, as if their stories will happen to me accidentally. Such a vivid special class is not only a deterrent to me, but also to everyone. Doing a good job in safety management is not only related to paying attention to the life of employees, the development of enterprises, but also to being responsible for the happy life of themselves and their families. ” On the way back, a person in charge of safety from a construction enterprise next to the reporter had deep feelings “a total of 127 personnel participated in the education and training course of production safety accidents in the whole province, all of whom came to the responsible persons or persons in charge of industrial, mining and commercial enterprises (excluding coal mines) where fatal accidents occurred from January 1, 2017 to September 30, 2018. 1t is a new innovation of our bureau in strengthening safety training to let these students learn from laws and regulations and then walk into the high wall to face with the sentenced persons who are responsible for related illegal accidents and receive warning education. 1t aims to draw lessons and give them warning. “ “in order to carry out the warning education safely and smoothly and achieve the expected effect, we have got the strong support and cooperation of the provincial prison administration. Therefore, Yicheng prison has formulated a strict activity plan and established a coordination working group headed by the prison political commissar.” 1ntroduction of the person in charge of the personnel training department of the Provincial Safety Supervision Bureau