Sidelights on the construction of occupational safety pattern in qianyingzi mine

“1mprove the happiness of employees, and make every effort to promote the work of occupational safety and health.” This is the purpose of labor protection in qianyingzi coal mine of Wanbei Coal and power company. Focusing on this purpose, the mine strives to build a large pattern of occupational safety work, strive to create a national occupational health demonstration enterprise, and actively build a “dust-free mine”, so that employees can work with dignity and share the fruits of development< 1n order to protect the health of employees and ensure the on-demand distribution of labor protection articles, the mine has set up an occupational health leadership organization headed by the mine manager and the Secretary of the Party committee, and a rights protection supervision group with members of the labor competition committee, which regularly or irregularly conducts the purchase, storage, distribution, issuance and management of labor protection articles Supervise and inspect the information feedback after use. On the basis of distributing labor protection articles according to the standards, the mine has successively distributed 3M dust masks and fc1002 dust masks, which are currently advanced in China, to its employees, and distributed labor protection articles such as noise proof earplugs, fire-proof and flame-retardant overalls, anti smashing boots, insulating overalls, insulating shoes, etc. to washing workers, stokers, oilers, initiating explosive device managers and electricians, so as to strengthen labor protection, 1mprove the working environment of workers on the basis of implementing the law on the prevention and control of occupational diseases and other laws and regulations, the mine has also formulated and promulgated the measures for the prevention and control of occupational diseases and the management system for labor protection articles, established a series of management systems for the acceptance, storage, distribution, use, replacement and scrapping of labor protection articles, and defined the management measures for each link, To achieve “prevention ahead of time, targeted treatment; We have made plans and standards to ensure that all the work is well managed, well implemented and well implemented strong inspection and strict supervision the mine has continuously strengthened the source control, successively improved and promulgated the management system of “qianyingzi mine mouth mass safety workstation management system”, “qianyingzi mine mouth mass safety workstation post responsibility system” and other management systems, and organized 263 group supervisors to carry out centralized training, 1t has laid a solid foundation for the effective implementation of the inspection work. At the same time, the mine selected group supervisors with strong sense of responsibility and high quality to form a safety inspection group. The inspection contents include the performance of group supervisors, the use of labor protection articles and underground dust prevention measures. The inspection team found hidden dangers in time, blocked loopholes, fundamentally safeguarded the overall interests of the enterprise and the vital interests of the staff and the masses, realized all-round and whole process dynamic supervision and inspection, timely tracked supervision and rectification, and well played the role of “focusing on key points, focusing on source, focusing on rectification and maintenance” in safety inspection at present, 263 group supervisors in the mine are distributed in the group supervision network at all levels, playing a positive role in the safety production of the enterprise, and effectively curbing the spread of all kinds of potential accidents. 1n 2013, 430 kinds of hidden dangers were investigated and dealt with in the mine, and 91 person times of “three violations” were stopped on site. The mine also formed effective interaction between the wellhead mass safety workstation and the wellhead female worker service station, promoted the in-depth development of mass safety work, and commended and rewarded the outstanding group supervision group, joint guarantee branch and group supervisors every quarter, effectively ensuring the effective development of mass work strengthen education and pay attention to actual effect by carrying out activities such as “checking hidden dangers, plugging loopholes, eliminating dangers” and “preventing violations”, the mine has continuously improved the safety quality of employees, enhanced their health awareness, and formed a good situation of “all team members participate in safety management, and everyone is responsible for safety work”. 1n 2013, the safe production of raw coal exceeded 4 million tons, and the safe production of raw coal exceeded 4 million tons for four consecutive years in 2013, during the national work safety month, the mine also specially purchased educational films such as “grieving for the dead”, “investigation and prevention of hidden dangers in coal mine safety production” and so on, which were rolled through the mine TV station, wellhead large screen and cultural square large screen. During the publicity week of occupational disease prevention and control in 2013, the mine issued more than 3000 copies of pamphlets and related publicity materials on the law of the people’s Republic of China on occupational disease prevention and control, and produced more than 10 publicity boards on occupational disease prevention and control; More than 6800 people were organized to answer questions about occupational disease prevention knowledge, and more than 2000 publicity materials were distributed to employees; At the service station for the family members of female workers at the wellhead, the publicity video materials of occupational disease prevention and control were played in rolling mode; During the publicity week of occupational disease prevention, the grassroots units made the blackboard newspaper of occupational disease prevention, which popularized the knowledge of occupational disease prevention in order to make employees work more healthily and happily, the mine also organized more than 1600 first-line and second-line teams and ground employees to participate in the dust prevention and control competition, organized 54 people to participate in the occupational hazards publicity campaign with the theme of “prevention of occupational diseases and happiness of thousands of families”, and carried out the activity of “1 offer a plan for safety”, collecting more than 260 suggestions, 1t effectively promotes the dust prevention work of the enterprise and improves the self-protection and occupational health awareness of employees implement the dust-free project the mine focuses on “one ventilation and three prevention”, establishes and improves the intelligent dust-proof monitoring system, further strengthens the comprehensive dust control, and strives to realize the “dust-free” of the mine on the one hand, efforts should be made to create a cleaner, healthier and safer working environment to protect the physical and mental health of employees. The party and government of the mine attach great importance to the comprehensive dust prevention work, firmly establish the safety concept of “coal dust accumulation is an accident”, seriously implement various dust prevention measures, and resolutely prevent the occurrence of coal dust explosion accidents. At the same time, they humbly learn from other units’ experience in comprehensive dust prevention, constantly improve their own management system, formulate assessment methods, establish a dust prevention system in line with the actual situation of the mine, start with the introduction of advanced dust prevention facilities, initially form a comprehensive dust prevention technology system and mode with certain characteristics, and better control the dust concentration in the workplace on the other hand, we should adhere to the concept of advanced prevention and “safety, more health”. The mine made great efforts to solve practical problems, insisted on multi department cooperation, mobilized the majority of workers to think of ways and ideas, overcame the problems one by one, set up a special ventilation and dust prevention team, and made clear the relevant responsibilities. Leading groups have also been set up in the grass-roots District teams and departments of the mine, and it is clear that the district team and section chief are the first person in charge of dust-free construction and comprehensive dust prevention. At the same time, the leading group should strengthen overall coordination, listen to reports regularly, check the implementation on site, and solve practical problems in a timely manner qianyingzi mine has effectively promoted the mine safety production, effectively improved the working environment and truly safeguarded the health rights and interests of employees by establishing and improving the effective safety management restraint mechanism, implementing all-round safety on-site supervision measures and carrying out a series of effective safety education activities our website solemnly declares that this article is reprinted by network media, only representing the author’s point of view, and has nothing to do with our website. 1f the information column articles and comments violate your legal rights, please call to let us know and we will deal with them in time

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