signs updated, protective facilities increased

“Pay attention to safety in the lake area.” Recently, on the lakeside near Fenghu Academy in Huizhou West Lake scenic area, careful tourists will find such a wooden sign. Besides Chinese, there are English and Korean on the sign. 1t is reported that more than 1000 signboards in Huizhou West Lake scenic area have been updated recently. Some of the signboards also contain Chinese, English, Japanese, Korean, French and other languages. The signboards have realized “a new look for the old”

in view of the old appearance and nonstandard content of the original signboards, Huizhou West Lake scenic area has carried out serious rectification in accordance with the requirements of creating a 5A scenic area and the national standards for graphic symbols. The reporter visited the west lake yesterday and found that the new large-scale guide map, traffic signs, scenic spots introduction signs and signs, safety warning signs, etc. were eye-catching, beautiful, professional in design, and coordinated with the landscape environment and cultural taste of the West Lake scenic spots in color matching and background selection, which effectively improved and improved the tourism service of the scenic spot, Promote the scenic spot grade and city image

“we specially employ foreign language professionals to proofread the Chinese English translation of the internal identification system, and unify the translation version and style.” According to the relevant person in charge of the city’s West Lake creative 5A office, the scenic spot will also check and repaint stone inscriptions, add scenery introduction boards and guide commentaries in major scenic spots such as bird island, and further clean up the old signboards

the reporter learned that many safety protection facilities and life-saving equipment, such as guardrails, life buoys and buoys, have been added to Su dikes and wharves in Huizhou West Lake scenic area. The person in charge said that the scenic area will increase the density of water safety patrol, add patrol boat light signs, and increase the number of patrol boats if conditions permit. At the same time, the safety warning broadcast shall be added at the wharf and bicycle rental point, and the standard broadcast contents shall be broadcast regularly and punctually, including the civilized garden, the notice to tourists, a letter to tourists, music, etc., indicating the identification of the lifeboat; We will further implement the deployment of medical staff and ensure the normalization of medical services

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