Silicon frost No.5 protective cream

“Silicon cream No.5” protective cream is a kind of skin protective agent prepared by capital hospital, which has certain protective effect on various irritating chemicals. The cream itself has no stimulation, no special smell, no oil paint, no discomfort, no influence on the function of sweat glands, and it is convenient to wash. Therefore, it is very popular with the factory workers concerned

we have tried the “silicone cream No.5” protective cream in Liuzhou, Beijing and Yingtan wood preservative factories successively. After collecting the workers’ feedback, we found that the protective cream can well protect the skin from the stimulation of coal tar, preservative oil, pentachlorophenol and pentachlorophenol sodium steam and dust. The personal experience of the workers shows that when the workers enter the steaming tank without applying protective paste, the exposed parts such as the workers’ face immediately produce a strong pungent stimulation, and when the workers apply “silicone cream No. 5”, there is no stimulation when they enter the tank; When the dust is scattered on the face and neck of the workers who are also equipped with pentachlorophenol oil or sodium pentachlorophenol water, it will cause strong itching and tingling. When it is serious, it will cause acute dermatitis such as rose like papules and blisters. When the workers apply the protective cream, there will be no such symptoms. Because “Si Shuang No.5” does not affect the function of sweat glands, workers are not obviously uncomfortable in summer and high temperature operation (can operation), and they also like to use it

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