Simple anti noise earplug can not be used for a long time

1n order to facilitate fast sleep, many people will buy the common simple anti noise earplug on the market. This kind of earplug is an elastic material, which can be pinched by hand, and then inserted into the ear canal. The earplug slowly rebounds and expands until it blocks the ear canal

this kind of anti noise earplug has a very good effect, so many people often use it when they sleep at night. “At first, after the earplug rebounded, the ear hole was still a little swollen, and now they don’t feel much.”< 1n this regard, Zhou Feng, director of the Department of facial features of Dongguan Tongji Guanghua hospital, said that the short-term use of this kind of anti noise earplug does not have much impact, but if it is worn for a long time, it may have an impact, which depends on two factors “first of all, see if the rebound of the earplug causes obvious pressure on the ear canal, such as continuous swelling and pain.” Zhou Feng said that people’s ear canal is relatively thin. Under the skin is the ear bone. There is no fat buffer. 1f the ear plug obviously compresses the nerve of the ear canal for a long time, it may cause ischemia and seriously damage the nerve secondly, we should pay attention to the hygiene of the use of plug-in ear plugs. 1f the health protection of plug-in ear plugs is not well done, inflammation may be induced. Zhou Feng also mentioned that it is better not to use this kind of noise proof earplug when the pressure of flying or swimming changes significantly China labor insurance net

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