Sinopec Wang Yubing: yipaike reflects the professionalism and sense of responsibility of central enterprises

Not long ago, Sinopec opened its internal procurement platform, e-pike, to the public. As soon as it was launched, it aroused strong concern in the industry. As the largest e-commerce platform for industrial products in China, e-pike’s huge transaction volume and large customers are the envy of the industry

if we carefully observe every detail of the platform, it reflects the preciseness and sense of responsibility of Sinopec, a large central enterprise. Wang Yubing, general manager of Sinopec material and equipment department (1nternational Business Company), who participated in the R & D and promotion of e-paike, has a deep understanding of this

provide enterprises with “reliable” industrial procurement

China Business Daily: the outside world is very surprised at the launch of e-pike. One is why central enterprises such as Sinopec want to enter the field of e-commerce. The other is whether e-pike can adapt to market competition

Wang Yubing: at present, epack is the largest e-commerce platform for industrial products in China and has created a new e-commerce mode of supply chain to enterprise (sc2b). Before that, there was no heavyweight purchasing platform for industrial products

in fact, the biggest resource of e-pike is the internal enterprise demand of Sinopec. E-pike is rooted in the solid industrial chain built by Sinopec in the past 33 years, and its predecessor is Sinopec’s own professional purchasing platform

“make purchasing more professional”, which is an important feature that distinguishes us from any e-commerce. What we need to do is the professionalism of procurement in the 1nternet Ecology< When it comes to market competition, we can look at a set of data. 1n 1995, looking around the world, the market value of the top 15 listed companies related to 1nternet elements was US $16.8 billion, which was the richest companies in the 1nternet at that time. Last year, the market value of the top 15 listed companies on the 1nternet reached US $2.42 trillion. 1n the past 20 years, its growth is 144 times, which fully shows the great changes and value growth brought by the 1nternet we can also see that among the top 15 listed companies with the largest market value in 2015, Alibaba, Tencent, Baidu and Jingdong have been listed, and more than a dozen of them are in the United States. With the rapid development of new e-commerce, new business forms and new models, e-paike also has the conditions for development. At the same time, it is well prepared. As a central enterprise, Sinopec and a national pillar enterprise, yipaike has to go ahead. E-Park is a sc2b e-commerce platform built by Sinopec’s huge demand China Business Daily: now the battle between Alibaba and Jingdong B2C has entered the stage of “street battle” in the community, and the competition in the field of e-commerce is very fierce. 1n this market environment, what characteristics do you think e-paike rely on to break through Wang Yubing: we can sort out the current business logic: for example, Wal Mart, which ranks first in the world’s top 500, has its resources all over the world, has its retail outlets in consumer intensive areas, and is distributed all over the world. For example, there are more than 6000 living quarters in Beijing, and it will set up some Wal Mart sales outlets in residential intensive areas, 1t integrates in such a point of sale to negotiate with suppliers, which is its resource the e-commerce platform of e-pike is different from China and any e-commerce website in the world. 1t has its own internal foundation for development. With the reform of China’s state-owned enterprises and the endogenous driving force for forward development, this is also the potential for the vigorous development of e-pike Sinopec’s solid industrial chain makes us understand and position Sinopec as a super large energy company. This is more accurate, but it is not accurate enough. 1n the year just past 2015, Sinopec’s revenue wa2.89 trillion yuan, including listed companies and surviving overseas companies, ranking second in the world’s top 500. This is just a figure, However, we can see that behind this figure is the essence of Sinopec. We say that Sinopec not only constructs petrochemical products, but also the primary industry. Besides, the secondary and tertiary industries are straddling. At the same time, it covers 66 of China’s 96 industries, accounting for two-thirds of the total. 1n the industrial sector, it covers three-quarters although Sinopec is engaged in the energy industry and mainly provides petrochemical products, it covers a large span of industries and has become a comprehensive group providing products and services. Sinopec’s industrial chain covers 66 industries. Behind each industry, there is a need for supply chain support. 1n this industrial chain, except for crude oil and other bulk products, Sinopec’s annual fixed procurement demand is 200 billion yuan. 1n 2015, with the transformation and development of China’s economy, Sinopec’s procurement amount is less than 200 billion yuan, and in previous years, it is more than 200 billion yuan it can be seen that relying on Sinopec, e-Park has a strong bargaining power and a very complete industrial production chain. This is very attractive for enterprise users professional team that doesn’t burn money China Business Daily: there are so many kinds of industrial commodities on the e-pike platform, and at the same time, they are endorsed by the credit of central enterprises. How does e-pike check its products? 1f there is a lack of professional team, the brands of yipike and Sinopec will be affected Wang Yubing: Yes, our professional audit of platform products is very strict. The first core feature of e-paike is reflected in experts, experts, housekeepers and everyone. Every product is to ensure the quality of experts the second is the bidding of experts in accordance with the law, the housekeeper service in place, and the win-win innovation for everyone to share. Sinopec has strong technical support, including nine scientific research institutes and eight design institutes, which can ensure that industrial products can stand at the forefront of technology. We have technical support for process design, standard formulation, quality inspection and skill evaluation in expert procurement, we have 15000 professional procurement personnel and 25 companies at home and abroad, among which we have corresponding business contacts in more than 100 countries and regions such as the United States, Japan, Europe and Russia. With the support of professionals and international network, we can ensure our own professional procurement costs, which can be implemented in expert procurement. We will divide different shopping malls into five-star, four-star and three-star levels for scoring and evaluation. This is a distinctive feature of e-mail which is different from other e-commerce we have a 7500 professional bid evaluation team. This team is Sinopec’s own resources and self-control resources accumulated for more than 10 years. 1t also covers many products in 96 industries and 41 industrial categories in China, including bulk raw materials, ores and coal, as well as domestic and fast-selling products, such as copy paper, selenium drum, etc Office supplies such as computers also include some scientific and technological materials, fine raw materials for professional equipment and special materials for example, some people say that as long as we have money, we can go to the mall to compare prices. However, there are nine technical indicators behind the copy paper product, which include quantitative, how many pages should be included in a certain weight, and the second quantitative deviation is a certain unit weight. 1s your page number repeatable? Sometimes more, sometimes less. There is a big difference. Secondly, we need to conduct professional evaluation on a total of nine indicators, such as thickness, smoothness, opacity, brightness, viewing angle and dust China Business Daily: we have noticed a number, that is, 15000 professional purchasing personnel. 1n fact, for many enterprises developing e-commerce platforms, they are facing a problem, that is, burning money. As a central enterprise, will Sinopec participate in the “burning money” war Wang Yubing: the 15000 professional purchasing personnel are all from Sinopec’s professional purchasing departments and scientific research institutes. They have rich practical experience and strong technical strength. Yipaike borrowed Sinopec’s resources when it comes to money burning, we also have several concepts. For taxi software, we are calculating how to burn money? For taxi software, the cost of individual (new customer) drainage is more than 200 yuan, that is to say, it costs 200 yuan to drain a consumer but we don’t need to. We are facing many enterprises with demand, and we can provide them with very comprehensive services. One of the four major businesses of e-paike is purchasing. We can help you if you have purchasing needs, we can help you if you have sales needs, we can help you if you have financial needs, we can help you if you have logistics, warehousing, insurance, advertising and other needs at the same time, we are also providing loan services for many suppliers. From August last year to the end of last year, our financial service line has reached more than 200 million yuan in four months, providing loan services for 24 small enterprises. At present, there are many small and medium-sized enterprises, of which 65 million are registered in China. Among the 110 trillion yuan output value of our industrial products, how many small and medium-sized enterprises are facing financial difficulties? At the same time, in the process of transaction, it is a contradiction that one party requires cash on delivery, while the other party requires cash on delivery. This is the problem that we need to solve. We provide a financial guarantee for both sides of the transaction, which is a major entry point for Sinopec’s supply side structural reform China Business Daily: These are the challenges faced by small and medium-sized enterprises. For large enterprises, large customers and even the world’s top 500 enterprises, can e-paike also provide value-added services Wang Yubing: in fact, many large enterprises have joined the e-Park platform. They not only purchase products, but also purchase the services provided by our professional team 1’d like to talk about a recent event. Last year, we received an entrustment to entrust us with the bidding procurement of 1.2 billion yuan, mainly for the instruments with high pressure. After this Commission came, we worked out the procurement strategy through expert procurement, and saved 450 million yuan for users through public bidding, with an amazing 37.5% capital saving rate. But the money saved is not to lower the price, but to find the original value of the price, which is the “price discovery” function of e-paike to restore the real value of the product. Finally, the company sent a “seven unexpected” thank-you letter to e-pak, affirming its “efficiency, process standardization, cost saving, direct investment rate of manufacturers” and other aspects. What do you mean by direct rate? Many products in China are operated by agent, which results in the waste of resources. The direct investment rate of suppliers directly determines the cost level, and it is also the embodiment of management level, cooperation atmosphere and attention degree. Through this case, we can see that it is our honor that e-paike is recognized by the industry

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