Six take and one look enter the site, strictly manage and ensure safety

When entering the emergency plan drill site or accident site, wear in strict accordance with the personal protection standard of “six take and one look”. This is an important measure taken by the first refinery of Yanshan Petrochemical Company to strictly control the plant site in the year of strict management. Safety management personnel said that standardizing and unifying the protection standards for individuals entering the installation site can effectively protect the personal safety of rescue personnel, and also help rescue personnel to carry out accident handling work

“six take and one look” means that in case of an accident, the staff on duty should take one safety helmet, two take and a half face mask (positive pressure respirator), three take gloves, four take walkie talkie, five take detector (hydrogen sulfide detector), six take valve wrench and seven look at wind vane (enter the scene from the windward side). Only after meeting the personal protection standard of “six take and one look” can you enter the installation site

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