Siyang science and technology innovation boosts economic development

at the recent meeting held by Jiangsu textile engineering society, three new products of Jiangsu Sisui group won the 8th Jiangsu textile technology innovation award; Siyang Jiarun lighting has been approved as “Jiangsu low carbon energy saving lamp engineering technology research center” by Jiangsu Science and Technology Department, and a new product has won the first prize of Suqian science and Technology Progress Award….

in recent days, Siyang County’s science and technology innovation has received continuous good news. Some data show that in recent years, the county has organized and implemented more than 200 science and technology projects of various types, and obtained more than 30 million yuan of free funds; Strive for two provincial funds for major achievements transformation, and obtain 12 million yuan of free funds; 79 scientific and technological achievements and 39 scientific and technological progress awards were obtained; 30 municipal high-tech enterprises and 66 municipal high-tech products were identified; The county science and technology entrepreneurship service center has been recognized as the provincial high-tech entrepreneurship service center, with 26 enterprises settled in, with a turnover of 102 million yuan, and the contribution rate of science and technology to the economy has increased significantly. As Zhao Shen, Secretary of Siyang County Party committee, said, “in order to realize Siyang’s transformation and upgrading, leapfrog development and innovative development, science and technology must become an important support and engine.”

the pace of upgrading of traditional industries has accelerated. 1n Jiangsu Sisui group, the author learned that in the second half of last year, with the efforts of chief engineer Chen Song and other production and technical personnel, the company successfully developed four new products and passed the provincial new product appraisal in early November. Among them, three new products won the eighth Jiangsu Textile Technology 1nnovation Award in early April this year. According to Han Xingwang, chairman of the group, the three new products can generate an annual economic benefit of more than 13.8 million yuan, which will add strong stamina to the long-term development of the enterprise. 1n addition, the county’s qianrengang down jacket, Huawei textile, Suzhou lighting industry city and a number of enterprises have also become the “leader” of the industry innovation and development. Last year, the total output value of the three traditional industries of textile and clothing, deep wood industry and lighting electrical appliances was 9.279 billion yuan, accounting for 65.7% of the total industrial output value, and the tax revenue accounted for more than 75% of the industrial tax revenue of the whole county

the cooperation between industry, University and Research 1nstitute is expanding in depth. Liu Tongbin, chairman of Siyang Jiarun Lighting Co., Ltd., who has just won the title of “Jiangsu Province young science and Technology entrepreneurial star”, talked about the cooperation with scientific research institutions with great relish: Jiarun company hired Dr. Qu Suhui of Beijing electro optic 1nstitute as the deputy chief technical officer and chief engineer, who presided over the development of five products, including new negative ion purification lamp, YZD super high power, high luminous efficiency, environmental protection and energy saving lamp, Among them, YZD environmental protection and energy saving lamp is listed as the key new product of Jiangsu Province and won the first prize of Suqian science and technology progress award; Ge aiming, Professor of electric light source Research 1nstitute of Fudan University, and the company decided to jointly develop “environmental friendly high brightness natural lighting lamp”, which can fill the domestic blank; Suzhou University listed the company as a graduate internship base, and arranged 3 graduate students to participate in new product development; We have established a partnership with Nanjing University of technology, and also employed two high-level innovative talents and leading talents as the chief engineer and director of the technical center of the company. 1n just one year, the company applied for 37 patents, including 7 invention patents, 20 new type patents and 10 appearance patents

the government supports and optimizes the environment for scientific and technological innovation. Last year, on the basis of the original preferential policies, Siyang County successively issued relevant documents to improve the financial guarantee mechanism for science and technology-based enterprises, expand the scale of science and technology loans, create a good environment for scientific and technological innovation of enterprises, and encourage more enterprises to win “the right to speak” and “the right to divide work” in the industry. The county finance has also allocated 7.29 million yuan to give heavy awards to enterprises that have made remarkable achievements in technological innovation and transformation, talent introduction, brand building and enterprise certification in 2009, among which Yongshi lighting and other enterprises like to receiv2.01 million yuan of technological innovation award

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