Sleep with a mask can correct open mouth breathing

Mr. Li’s nearly 4-year-old daughter has been snoring and breathing with her mouth during her recent sleep. Zhang Silai, former director of pediatrics at the integrated traditional Chinese and Western Medicine Hospital Affiliated to Beijing University of traditional Chinese medicine, pointed out that children who breathe by mouth for a long time must be corrected in time

many people have this experience. When they have a cold and a stuffy nose, they can only breathe with their mouth when they sleep. Zhang Silai said that when patients have chronic rhinitis, turbinate hypertrophy, nasal septum bending, paranasal sinusitis and other diseases, the respiratory tract will be partially or completely blocked, so patients have to use their mouth to breathe, and many children have developed the bad habit of breathing by mouth

she pointed out that mouth breathing can affect the normal development of the face, such as nasal alar atrophy, lip hypertrophy, shallow nasolabial groove, upper lip curl, crowded dentition, protrusion of upper anterior teeth, etc., which affect the facial appearance. 1n addition, with the oral instead of nasal breathing, inhalation of air in the lungs can not be as mild and moist as through the nasal cavity. On the one hand, it will damage the trachea and alveoli, on the other hand, it will make the oral mucosa dry and easy to crack, weaken the resistance to bacteria, and induce a variety of oral diseases

parents should correct children’s mouth breathing in time. First, check for nasal diseases. 1f there is no nasal obstruction, it is only because children develop the habit of breathing by mouth. Parents should encourage and supervise children to breathe by nose in addition to taking their children to hospital in time. 1n addition, when the child falls asleep, the mask is sewn with 4 layers of gauze, and a layer of plastic film is added in the middle of the gauze. When wearing a mask, the child’s nose must be exposed. After a period of training, most children can change the bad habit of breathing by mouth

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