Slight poisoning caused by gas leakage in gas facilities without air respirator

After the accident

1 ï¹?blast furnace charging group leader Liu found that there was gas leakage at the root of the equalizing and releasing pressure plate, and contacted the maintenance personnel to deal with it. When the maintenance personnel such as Qin, sun and Deng were in place, the charging group leader Liu informed the charging main control room to stop the equalizing and releasing and change it to the accident releasing. At that time, the accident releasing did not run gas after the field test, and the maintenance personnel put on the equalizing valve to work, During the accident, a part of gas was ejected from the flange of the relief valve, which led to a slight gas poisoning of Deng, a maintenance worker. At that time, Deng said he was dizzy, and then Liu, sun and Qin lifted Deng to the upper air outlet, and informed the dispatcher to contact the oxygen bag for oxygen inhalation

accident analysis

1. The main cause of the accident was that the feeder found that there was air leakage at the pressure equalizing and releasing packing, contacted the maintenance department for treatment, did not take any safety protection measures before treatment, and did not wear air respirator for risky operation

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