Small sound insulation earplug function is not small, simple and convenient to protect the ear

in a protective equipment booth, cans of colorful candy like things attracted the author’s attention. What kind of products would be such products at the labor protection products fair? With doubt, the author asked the staff on the booth, it turned out that this is a kind of sound insulation earplug

according to the introduction, this product is made of PU material, which is a slow rebound material, soft and elastic. The staff demonstrated how to use the product on site, that is, knead the earplug to the thinnest, then gently insert it into the ear, and the earplug slowly rebounds and then plugs the ear to achieve the effect of sound insulation. The products can be used in factories and noisy places, play the role of sound insulation and noise reduction, protect the ears, and can be reused. 1t is reported that this product is widely used abroad, and the company has been doing export trade before. According to the staff, this product only needs about 1 yuan ex factory price. 1n addition, jinhenna also exhibited waterproof earplugs, which can be used when swimming to prevent water from entering the ears

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