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The 6th Shanghai 1nternational Expo on disaster reduction, emergency response and safety in 2014 is co sponsored by Shanghai Municipal Commission of Commerce and Dujiangyan Municipal People’s government. 1n the domestic disaster reduction, emergency response and safety industry, it is the only one with the support and participation of UN agencies in China, the only one with international UF1 certification, and the only one with the guidance and support of the Ministry of Commerce The sixth Shanghai 1nternational Disaster Reduction emergency and safety Expo 2014, the largest exhibition, will join hands with Shanghai 1nternational Safe Campus conference to open again in Shanghai World Expo exhibition hall from October 16 to 18, 2014

in 2013, the exhibition became the guiding and supporting exhibition of the Ministry of Commerce, and was supported by nearly 70 authoritative departments in the industry, such as the office for the coordination of humanitarian affairs of the United Nations, the earthquake emergency rescue Department of China Seismological Bureau, the Department of Commerce of many places in China, the Disaster Reduction Committee of China Water Conservancy Society, and the office of Shanghai flood control headquarters. Focusing on the four major fields of rescue equipment, engineering rescue, support equipment and emergency communication equipment, it covers more than 100 enterprises from UAV detection system, life detector, demolition equipment, special rescue vehicles, emergency lighting equipment, demolition tools, first aid kit, medical ambulance, satellite communication station, emergency communication network system, etc, 8000 professionals from all over the world will participate, and the exhibition area is expected to reach 15000 square meters. The conference adheres to the concept of promoting the development of China’s disaster reduction, emergency response and safety industry, and promoting international experience exchange in response and disposal of various disasters and emergencies

many chapters have conducted in-depth discussion on the current situation of disaster reduction, emergency response and safety industry in China

many theme chapters have been organized for on-site activities to comprehensively analyze and prospect the current situation, development trend, technological innovation and other aspects of disaster reduction, emergency response and safety industry. High end seminars focusing on the forefront of the industry, practical and efficient professional docking meeting, on-site interactive experience exchange meeting, authoritative experts’ national market and policy interpretation meeting, and promotion of the concept of “urbanization and disaster reduction”. The rich simultaneous activities will deliver the latest and comprehensive industry information to the industry and all sectors of the society, and provide the people’s awareness of prevention. Build a theme platform of disaster reduction, emergency response and safety industry product display, technology exchange and public welfare publicity. At the same time:

the 6th Shanghai Dujiangyan international disaster reduction and public security forum 2014

emergency rescue industry development forum

emergency communication security system technology forum

natural disaster property insurance Development Forum

the 2nd East China Campus Technology Development Forum

to build a professional platform for information exchange and learning exchange in the industry, 1t has become a “booster” for the system construction of measurement, reporting, prevention, resistance, rescue and assistance in the industry

growing exhibition

the exhibition area of the 5th Shanghai 1nternational Disaster Reduction exhibition is 12000 square meters, with 303 indoor and outdoor exhibitions, an increase of 10% compared with last year. 3M, Ge, Hitachi of Japan, Toray, Bayer, Philips, 1ngersoll Rand, BASF of Germany, China Mobile and many other well-known and powerful enterprises actively participated. The exhibition focuses on the technologies and equipment for disaster and emergency prevention and rescue at home and abroad, providing a platform for relevant government units and all sectors of the society to understand and understand the rescue equipment and technology, as well as purchase and exchange

the organizers of this exhibition invited domestic and foreign large-scale disaster early warning and rescue equipment manufacturers and other relevant enterprises to participate in the exhibition, and invited domestic and foreign disaster prevention and emergency management units and experts to attend and guide the procurement of relevant equipment and materials. 1t aims to improve the R & D technology of emergency relief equipment, improve the national emergency relief mechanism, build the platform for purchasing and recruiting disaster reduction, emergency and safety industries, and provide the best solution for the government to purchase, learn and exchange products related to disaster reduction, emergency and safety industries

the pre registration of visitors has been opened

as the largest disaster reduction, emergency and safety industry event in China, the exhibition will attract many exhibitors and professionals to Shanghai to promote the development of disaster reduction, emergency and safety industry in China. Pre registration of visitors has been officially opened to provide convenient services for exhibitors and visitors. Visitors who have successfully registered on the 1nternet can print their visiting cards in the e-mail sent by the system to learn about the contents of Shanghai 1nternational Disaster Reduction emergency and safety Expo and how to get to the exhibition hall

Click to register directly: http://www.disasterchina.org/registration.html

for the latest exhibition agenda and registration, Please visit the official website of the exhibition: http://www.disasterchina.org

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