Smart gloves help you avoid riding safety hazards

When you need to turn or change lanes on your bicycle, you can’t turn on the turn signal like a motor vehicle to remind the following vehicles. At this time, if the speed behind is too fast, it is easy to cause accidents

zackees, a kind of cycling glove that can be used as a turn signal, appears on KickStarter, a crowdfunding platform. 1ts design is not complicated. A pair of open fingered gloves are added with light-emitting diodes on the back of the hands and covered with waterproof coating. When cycling needs to change lanes or turn, you only need to move your fingers to activate the switch, Then let the person opposite or behind see the turn on the back of the hand

such a pair of simple gloves may really avoid many accidents and even save people’s lives when cycling. 1n addition, the government has made a lot of efforts in the wear resistance of gloves and the brightness of light-emitting diodes. Rechargeable batteries or button batteries can also be selected for the batteries in gloves

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