smart helmet can “predict” danger and send out alarm

the safety helmet is a common thing in the construction site, but the ordinary safety helmet can only protect the overhead safety in case of danger. Zhong Chen, a junior at Fuzhou University, invented a “smart helmet”, which can “predict” the occurrence of danger and send out an alarm to remind workers to avoid quickly

Zhong Chen is a student majoring in electronic information engineering in ocean College of Fuzhou University, and a member of the public welfare and disabled entrepreneurship practice center of Fuzhou University

recently, Zhong Chen showed a demonstration video of this smart helmet to reporters. This helmet is no different from the ordinary helmet in appearance, but the top is equipped with induction, alarm and other equipment. 1 saw a head wearing a helmet squatting on the ground, a person with a Book standing behind. As the book fell from the air, the helmet gave a sharp “beep beep beep” alarm< According to Zhong Chen, the safety helmet is equipped with distance sensor, processor and alarm device. When objects fall from high altitude, a certain distance from the top of the head, the sensor will sense it, and the alarm device will give a harsh sound to remind workers to avoid “at present, this kind of intelligent safety helmet is still in its infancy. Due to the sensor, it can only give an alarm within 3 meters of the falling object from the safety helmet.” Said Zhong Chen. He is improving the sensor, expanding the sensing distance and safety distance, and adjusting it according to factors such as reaction time and escape speed(Fuzhou evening news reporter Ma Liqing)

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