Soft power restricts the development of Jinjiang shoe industry

as one of the four major shoe-making bases in China, Jinjiang has 20% of the world’s production of sports shoes, many famous Chinese trademarks, Chinese famous brand products, famous trademarks and famous brands in Fujian Province, and is known as the capital of shoe brands. 1n recent years, in order to promote the further development of the shoe industry, many shoe enterprises in Jinjiang have invested a lot of money in hardware, and some of the plant equipment has even reached the international advanced level. But in terms of “soft power”, Jinjiang shoe enterprises still have some hidden dangers, such as the use of shoe accessories

due to the production cost, traditional oily glue is still widely used in Jinjiang. 1n addition to the adhesives for climbing and forming, cleaning agents, treatment agents and glazing agents are also widely used in the shoe industry, and a large number of organic solvents exist in these materials. According to the statistics of China Adhesive 1ndustry Association, the amount of shoe adhesive used in 2008 has reached 300000 tons. Based on the average solid content of 20%, about 240000 tons of organic solvents are directly discharged into the atmosphere. Relevant professionals said that these organic solvents not only cause air pollution, but also cause occupational diseases through inhalation of respiratory system and skin penetration

in recent years, not only in Jinjiang area, but also in many local shoe enterprises, it is difficult to recruit workers. Some people have conducted in-depth investigation and found that the working environment is one of the reasons for the “labor shortage”. Nowadays, the post-80s and post-90s have gradually become the main force of workers. Unlike the previous generation, they begin to pay attention to the quality of life and personal health. Recently, the reporter interviewed a famous mechanic Xiao Chen who was returning home

Xiao Chen, 20 years old, came to Jinjiang, Fujian Province from Zhuzhou City, Hunan Province last year and worked as a technical worker on a production line in a medium-sized shoe factory. 1n more than one year’s working time, she was awarded the outstanding employee of the year for her hard work. Recently, however, she resigned and returned. When the reporter asked about the reason, Xiao Chen replied helplessly: “in the past year or so, 1 have learned a lot of technology and knowledge from the factory. The factory is also very good to us. Whether it is staff management, welfare, etc., it is better than my fellow countrymen who come out to work at the same time. However, as soon as 1 entered the industry, some acquaintances told me that some factories would not be healthy after staying for a long time. 1 feel the same way about this. The most uncomfortable thing about working every day is the pungent smell of shoe glue. Recently, 1 feel dizzy from time to time in the workshop. 1’m very afraid. So 1 discussed with my family and decided to resign and go home for a while before thinking about the future. “

care for employees and create a green environment

with the increasingly urgent needs of the transformation of the shoe industry, people-oriented, care for employees and environmental protection have become a major topic of Jinjiang shoe industry

as a well-known brand in the domestic shoe industry, hongxingerke has replaced the traditional oil-based adhesive by introducing the water-based adhesive developed by Bayer of Germany a few years ago, which fully ensures the health of employees. Walking into Hongxing Erke’s factory building, you can see the standard factory building with bright windows. All the staff are working enthusiastically on the assembly line. The reporter asked several post-90s employees on the spot. They said that they are relatively satisfied with the environment of the factory building, and rarely smell the pungent smell

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