Solar overalls invented in Japan

green energy is setting off an upsurge all over the world, among which solar energy has become a part of many people’s daily life. Recently, Japanese scientists have developed a solar pants< 1t is reported that the inventor of solar pants is Japanese inventor silvr Ling. He said that the shape design of this solar overalls is fashionable. 1t's a low waist casual pants style. The black rope at the waist can be used as a belt, which can be worn for sports and leisure. The fabric pattern of trousers is black dark grid which is very popular in recent years, and it is made of special textile fabric, which can play a good waterproof and oil proof effect. Two large pockets are sewn on both sides of the trouser legs, and each pocket is equipped with high-tech solar panels (as shown in the figure) although this pair of solar pants doesn’t generate as much electricity as a power plant, the 5 volt voltage generated is enough to charge MP3 and mobile phones. After this pair of trousers are exposed to the sun for several hours, the solar energy will be stored in the storage battery on the clothes. Through the USB interface in the pocket, it can supply power to mobile phones, MP3, etc it is understood that the retail price of solar pants is $920 each. At present, this product is available in silver gray and olive green. The inventor also designed a solar jacket and a solar vest for the solar overalls, so that the wearer can use solar power from head to toe Author: 1’m glad to hear that

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