Sole is the key to choose antiskid shoes

Snow weather, many people go out because of the road ice and slip, for safety, anti-skid shoes become the first choice of winter shoes. The reporter learned from the shoe and hat counter in the shopping mall that the sole should be carefully observed when choosing anti-skid shoes, and the depth of grain is the key to judge the anti-skid performance of a pair of shoes

when choosing antiskid shoes, you need to look at the sole grooves. Deep groove shoes have better antiskid performance, while shallow groove shoes are easy to slip. Secondly, the soft and hard soles can be determined according to the age of the buyer. Too soft sole is easy to affect the body center of gravity when walking; The sole of the shoe is too hard, and it is easy to affect the judgment of the foot on the ground when walking. Young people have strong ability to control the center of gravity and can choose softer shoes to increase the comfort of shoes. The middle-aged and old people walk steadily, so they can choose shoes with slightly hard soles. When you buy shoes, you’d better try them on. Don’t be afraid of trouble

when the elderly choose antiskid shoes, they should not choose high heels or flat shoes. Too high heel will affect the position of the center of gravity when walking, and it is easy to slip when walking. But the anti-skid shoes with flat bottom have poor stability and poor heat preservation effect. The elderly had better wear shoes with certain upper height and stability, and a certain heel. The heel height should be about 2 cm. This is not only conducive to anti-skid, but also warm

children like to run and jump, so the stability and safety of shoes are very important. For shoes with laces, children may occasionally trip over by the laces. You can choose the style of zipper, buckle or buckle, which is convenient for children to wear and take off their shoes. Children exercise a lot, sweating, ventilation, moisture absorption and perspiration is also very important. The inner lining of shoes should be natural suede leather or cotton fabric. 1t is not suitable to choose too soft insole, so as not to affect the touch of feet to the ground and the exercise of grasping ability of soles. Children’s ankle joint is soft, easy to be injured and not easy to detect, so special protection is needed. 1t’s better to choose the shoes that are higher than the ankle, and the back of the shoes should have a supporting structure, which can protect the stability of the ankle joint

if you wear anti-skid shoes, you should not take it lightly when walking in the snow. Walking on the blind path with lines or stepping on the soft snow is better than walking on the compacted “snow shell”. 1t’s safer to walk slowly. When walking, it’s better not to leave your hands idle. Swinging back and forth can play a balancing role

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