solution to discoloration of labor protection gloves and precautions

Labor protection gloves are widely used in our life. There are many styles and samples to choose from. They have different specifications for different uses. They have played a very important role in our life. Among them, the fading of labor protection gloves is often seen. Today, we will tell you how to solve this problem:


for the labor protection gloves that have just been bought, if they are afraid of fading, they can be soaked in brine before cleaning, about half an hour. 1f you continue to fade a little bit, you can put a little salt in every cleaning. After a long time, you won’t fade again


in our daily life, people feel that jeans, especially those with deep color, are most likely to fade. Experienced aunts will reverse the sun when they are drying. 1n fact, safety protection gloves can also do the same. After cleaning, they will reverse the sun to avoid direct exposure to the sun, so it is not easy to fade


for some cotton gloves, in order to prevent color fading, you can add a little vinegar from daily life. You don’t need to buy good vinegar, but don’t put too much. Just soak for a while. This can not only prevent color fading, but also increase the freshness

the protective gloves should be well maintained. The natural rubber gloves should not contact with acid, alkali and oil for a long time, and should prevent sharp objects from puncturing. Clean and dry the gloves after use. After the talcum powder is sprinkled on the inside and outside of the gloves, keep them properly. They shall not be pressed or heated during storage. Labor protection gloves and protective articles can be worn or not. Experts pointed out that labor protection gloves and safety protective articles can eliminate or reduce the impact of occupational hazards on workers’ health. According to the law on prevention and control of occupational diseases, employers must provide workers with personal protective articles that meet the requirements, and workers are obliged to wear protective articles


first of all, it is necessary to understand the protective effect and use requirements of different types of gloves, so as to make correct selection during operation. Gloves used in general occasions must not be used as some special gloves. Such as cotton gloves, chemical fiber gloves as anti vibration gloves to use, the effect is very poor


before using insulating gloves, check the appearance first, and stop using if there are holes or cracks on the surface


when using vibration tools, it is not safe to wear anti vibration gloves. Pay attention to arrange a certain time to rest in the work. With the increase of the vibration frequency of the tool itself, the rest time can be extended accordingly. For all kinds of vibration tools used, it is better to measure the vibration acceleration, so as to select appropriate anti vibration gloves and obtain better protection effect


in some cases, all gloves should be of appropriate size to avoid hand injury due to too long fingers, mechanical strangulation or rolling


anti vibration gloves can be used when operating high-speed rotary machinery. Oil proof gloves should be used in some maintenance equipment and oil filling operations to avoid the invasion of oil opponents


different types of safety gloves have their own specific performance. 1n actual work, they must be used and distinguished correctly according to the operation conditions, so as to protect the hand safety

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