Some buses in Nanchang are not equipped with complete fire-fighting equipment

Guiyang bus fire caused widespread concern, Nanchang bus safety? Recently, the reporter took a bus to experience and found that some vehicles had incomplete fire-fighting equipment and safety hammers, and even some bus rear glass was stuck by glue. Nanchang Bus Corporation (hereinafter referred to as Nanchang bus) said that it had issued a notice to inspect the safety of all operating vehicles

reflection: some buses in Nanchang have hidden dangers

yesterday, a citizen called our news hotline and said that he found some hidden dangers in Nanchang’s buses

the citizen said that the rear windows of some buses in Nanchang (such as No.5 bus) were stuck. Once there was a fire, passengers could not open the windows, which was very dangerous. He also reflected that the safety hammers on some buses were not complete. Some buses had only four safety hammers, while others had five or six

most importantly, the citizen found that there was an iron pipe beside the window of some buses, which divided the originally spacious windows in two” 1f there is a fire, even if the passengers open the window, because the iron pipe is in the middle, their survival will be affected. ” The citizen said

experience: the configuration of bus safety hammer and fire extinguisher is different

in this regard, the reporter took bus No. 229, 22 and 5 yesterday to experience. At about 12 noon yesterday, the reporter took bus No. 229 at Dingfeng central station in Honggutan and found that there were only four safety hammers on the bus, two in the front and two in the back. 1n the visible range of the car, the reporter found only one fire extinguisher. 1n addition, iron pipes are set up beside the windows on the left and right sides of the front and rear carriages. Half an hour later, the reporter took No.22 bus in Honggu supporting center and found that the bus was equipped with five safety hammers, three in the front compartment, two in the rear compartment, and only one fire extinguisher in the compartment. According to the company’s regulations, buses with two doors are generally equipped with two fire extinguishers

at about 2 pm yesterday, at the bus stop of the provincial Chest Hospital, the reporter took the No.5 bus. There are 4 safety hammers and 2 fire extinguishers in the bus. 1n addition, the rear windows of the car were stuck and could not be opened. The car’s safety hammers are all tied to the wire

response: an urgent notice has been issued to comprehensively investigate the hidden dangers

the staff of Nanchang public transport Party Office responded that yesterday morning, the company has issued an urgent notice to require all branches and teams to conduct a comprehensive investigation on the fire-fighting equipment of vehicles to thoroughly investigate the hidden dangers. 1n terms of ensuring the safety of the public, the company has established a safety warning education demonstration base, which regularly trains and educates drivers every year. 1n general, in case of emergency, the driver can evacuate in time according to the situation

in response to the public’s response that the windows were sealed and iron pipes were set beside the windows, the staff member said that the products were carefully designed by the bus manufacturers and strictly controlled by the industry regulatory authorities before leaving the factory, which were safe and reliable

in addition, since last year, Nanchang bus has strengthened the inspection of passengers carrying liquid on the bus. When passengers get on the bus, drivers will inquire and check suspicious items

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