Some construction workers do not have a strong sense of self-protection, do not wear safety helmets, leaving hidden dangers

2011-07-14 07:26:38.0 Wang Duming and Yao Min some construction workers don’t have a strong sense of self-protection and don’t wear safety helmets to leave hidden dangers. Wang Duming 2108 livelihood news / enpproperty — reporter Wang Duming intern Yao Min reports that hot summer is a golden period of construction site and also a period of frequent accidents. How about some site safety protection measures? On July 11, when the reporter came to a construction site in the eastern suburb of our city for an interview, he found that there were still some construction workers with weak self-protection awareness. They thought that the weather was hot and it was inconvenient to wear safety helmets, leaving a great potential safety hazard

at about 10:00 on July 11, the reporter saw at a construction site in the east section of Bianjing road that several workers were working upstairs in the scorching sun at the construction site of an unfinished building. Under the scaffolds at the construction site, construction workers were seen to come in and out from time to time. After observation, the reporter found that some construction workers did not wear safety helmets according to the construction requirements. The reporter chatted with a worker. When asked why they didn’t wear helmets during construction, the other side said it was too hot and it was inconvenient to wear helmets. The reporter then turned around the construction site and found that there were not a few construction workers who did not wear safety helmets

the reporter immediately found a person in charge of the Construction Party of the site, surnamed Zhang, to understand the situation. For the construction workers did not wear safety helmets as required, the person in charge said that at present, most of the workers are busy with farm work at home, and only a small number of people are on the construction site, so the requirements are not so strict. 1n addition, the hot weather, wearing a helmet construction is not convenient

that morning, the reporter visited two nearby construction sites. Among them, on a construction site, the reporter also saw the phenomenon that construction workers did not wear safety helmets for construction. 1n sharp contrast, in a construction site near Chonggong Road, the reporter saw that although the weather was hot, the workers here wore safety helmets as required

it is understood that summer is the golden season for construction, and every summer, we often hear the news of safety accidents on some construction sites, which has brought a heavy blow to the construction workers and their families. Some enthusiastic citizens hope to remind some construction units and workers through this newspaper to enhance safety awareness, tighten the string of safety, prevent accidents, and avoid the recurrence of tragedies

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