Some construction workers in Xining don’t care about wearing safety helmet

the safety helmet of Qinghai news network news is an important safety protection article. Anyone entering the production site must wear the safety helmet according to the regulations. Recently, reporters in the May Fourth Street, Qiyi Road, Qilian road and other places of some construction sites and some residential demolition site saw that workers wearing safety helmets is not standardized. Some workers wear helmets askew, and some don’t even wear helmets

you can’t wear safety helmet at will

at a construction site on May 4th Street, when the workers were resting, the reporter came forward to talk with them. According to master Li from Ledu, the hard hats of him and his fellow villagers are made by contractors. Speaking of construction safety, Master Li said that many workers wear safety helmets mainly to cope with inspection, “as long as they wear one on their heads, they will not be fined.”. The reporter saw at several construction sites in the provincial capital that some workers wore their safety helmets askew and some upside down. Although some female workers wore safety helmets, their long hair did not curl up

at the demolition site near Zhongzhuang of Xining railway station, no matter the workers who demolish the walls or pick up and transport bricks underneath, they don’t wear safety helmets. A female worker surnamed Ma stood on a high wall marked with “demolition”, and was concentrating on cutting bricks against the sun. The reporter asked her why she didn’t wear a safety helmet. She said that the boss didn’t send it, and she didn’t want to wear it. “As long as you are careful and the people working together pay attention, it won’t be OK.”< According to the national standard, each safety helmet should have the following four permanent marks: the name of the manufacturer, trademark, model, production date, production certificate, production license number, in addition to the above marks, the service life of the qualified safety helmet should also be indicated. The service life shall not exceed two years from the completion of product manufacturing, two and a half years for plastic cap and paper cap, and three and a half years for FRP cap. The reporter carefully looked at the yellow or red safety helmets worn by Master Li and his workers, and found that their safety helmets were all marked with the four "national standards" of "safety supervision". Master Li said that the hats were "too heavy for people to wear". However, at another construction site on May 4th Street, the safety helmet worn by the workers felt very light in their hands. 1t was deformed when they pressed it a little, and it looked a little old. Xiao Zhao, a worker from Huangzhong, called the hat "like goods, not durable". During the interview, the reporter also found that the safety helmets worn by some workers were old, some of them faded seriously, and some of them were damaged there are advantages and disadvantages of safety helmets in the labor protection products market the reporter saw in some labor protection products sales stores in the provincial capital that the sales prices of safety helmets range from a few yuan to dozens of yuan, and the prices vary greatly with different materials. 1n a labor insurance shop in the small commodity wholesale market, the boss told the reporter that the cheapest one is the 7 yuan hard hat. The reporter took a hard hat and felt it was very light. The whole work of the hard hat was rough, and the hat would deform after a little squeeze. The boss told reporters that the sales volume of this kind of helmet is good, some contractors often come to buy it, while the price of FRP helmet is between 40 yuan and 50 yuan (author: Ma Chenggui)

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