Songtao Bureau will invest another 700000 yuan to allocate and perfect labor protection appliances for employees

On February 17, the author learned from Songtao power supply bureau that in 2017, Songtao Power Supply Bureau will invest another 700000 yuan to allocate and improve labor protection articles for employees. At present, the allocation scheme and budget have been prepared and submitted to the financial budget management committee of Songtao Power Supply Bureau for approval

in order to enhance the corporate image, in recent years, according to different types of work and positions, combined with the affordability of funds, the Bureau has successively allocated labor supplies for the employees, so that they can dress and identify uniformly at work, and receive the effect of making the employees feel that they are an electric power person at any time and are responsible for serving the society. 1t is understood that the labor protection articles for employees of production departments and functional departments have been in place in the past two years. This time, they are mainly the work clothes, headwear, scarves, belts, etc. of employees of business window departments

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