Soundproof earplugs and soundproof earmuffs which is good

Many people do not want to be disturbed by outside noises when they sleep, so they usually buy soundproof earplugs to reduce the noise. So which soundproof earplug is better? How to choose? Which of the commonly used soundproof earplugs and soundproof earmuffs is better? Let’s take a look at the following.

[Soundproof earplugs] Which is better for soundproof earplugs? Which is better for soundproof earplugs or soundproof earmuffs?
Which is good for soundproof earplugs.
Good soundproof earplugs need to have: slow resilience, soft and comfortable texture, and safe material Side effects, small foreign body sensation during wearing and use, and long life. For example, the brand soundproof earplugs are made of non-toxic environmental protection material PU, which is harmless to the human body and is the safest earplugs on the market. It can be worn for a long time and has no side effects after years of clinical trials.
How to choose sound insulation earplugs
It is recommended to choose one that has the characteristics of slow rebound speed, good air permeability, comfort and sound insulation effect, and will not cause any damage to the skin and the inner lining of the ear canal. Its biggest advantage is that it is more comfortable and suitable for sleep use. For example, 3M1110 bullet-type earplugs with cords-more commonly used types, recognized as more comfortable and sound insulation earplugs.
Using earplugs may cause earwax to be pushed into the middle ear when the earplugs are inserted into the ear canal. This can cause tinnitus, weakened hearing, pain or bacterial infection. Users with excessive earwax should use earplugs more carefully, and earplugs should be washed frequently with water and mild soap. However, foam-type earplugs are usually disposable after use, and they may lose their slow rebound characteristics after being soaked in water and dried.
In addition, anti-noise earplugs may also become a stimulating factor for otitis, because in a warm, humid environment, many bacteria will multiply more vigorously. However, the use of noise-proof earplugs is generally safe, but some potential dangers that may arise from long-term use must be prevented: when the earplugs are inserted, the air pressure in the middle ear will rise and push toward the ear drum causing pain. This is because the earplugs are inserted too deeply. In order to avoid this danger, please rub the earplugs thinly and insert them into the pre-defined ideal position. When the earplugs are fully inflated, it is best not to push them in. The reverse is also true. In order to avoid squeezing the ear drum when pulling out the earplugs, you should slowly unscrew the earplugs instead of forcibly.
Effect of soundproof earmuffs for sleeping
1. There are a lot of noises in life today, and social noise is unbearable, which is the noise caused by loud noises between people; industrial noise is construction or factory Noise from work; traffic noise is unavoidable, especially in cities, in addition to loudspeakers, there is also noise generated by ground friction, and a large part of the soundproof earmuffs used for sleeping is to block it.
2. The soundproof earmuffs used for sleeping are still a little different from ordinary earmuffs. The materials made will be more suitable for our human skin, and the designed shape will be suitable for us to wear while sleeping, so that it can be completely It isolates the outside sound and creates a quiet sleeping environment.
3. People who often wear headphones will find that the sound around the headphones will be much smaller, and the sound-proof earmuffs amplify them, so that they can completely eliminate external sounds, but you should not go out. It is better to wear soundproof earmuffs, otherwise it will be more dangerous if you can’t hear the sound of honking.
4. In general, the effect of sound insulation earmuffs is still good. Experienced people recommend that you choose earmuffs with slow rebound speed, and earmuffs with good ventilation, comfort and sound insulation. This will Reduce damage to the inner lining of the ear and ear canal. Some people suggest not to wear it for a long time. Although the soundproof earmuffs will not cause damage to the head and ears, it will affect the length of time.
Which is better between soundproof earplugs and soundproof earmuffs
1. The difference between the two is: one is covered outside, the other is stuffed in. The purpose is the same, all for sound insulation.
2. For safety reasons, earmuffs will be more reassuring, and earplugs can easily run into the ear canal due to squeezing, which is more dangerous. In other cases, the earplugs will be more active when sleeping. Lost, so I still need earplugs when I look back, so troublesome. Of course, earmuffs are more suitable for lying flat, lying on your side panicking. Many people think it’s okay to get used to it. I don’t know what do you think of soundproof earmuffs for sleeping?

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