South China city net industrial products MRO new mall high profile debut in high tech Fair

From November 16 to 21, the 19th China 1nternational High Tech Fair (hereinafter referred to as the high tech Fair) was grandly held in Shenzhen. As the representative of B2B e-commerce platform for industrial products, South China city network, which operates B2B trading platform (csc86. Com) and industrial products MRO Mall (buy5j. Com), was invited to participate in the fair. Booth number: Pavilio2, booth 2d27. At the exhibition, South China city network not only led high-quality brand enterprise members to bring a large number of MRO industrial products to the exhibition, but also the MRO mall of South China city network (buy5j. Com) made its debut in the trial operation commercial version, which attracted strong attention from the audience and various industries

the trial operation version of MRO Mall for industrial products of South China city network made its first public appearance

the public appearance of buy5j.com in this exhibition is the first offline meeting with users since the trial operation of the mall in November 2017. At the venue, South China city network launched a heavy attack, showing the four core advantages of the new mall in terms of category, technology, safety and after-sales, attracting a large number of exhibitors and buyers to stop in front of the booth, attracting huge popularity and receiving attention and praise from many exhibitors. With professional services and well planned activities, South China city network has won the first off-line show. Many purchasers gathered in front of the booth to consult with staff on user policies, discuss cooperation intentions, and communicate procurement needs< At the exhibition site, Mr. Chen, a staff member of South China city network, introduced that since the end of 2015, South China city network has accumulated a large number of brand suppliers of industrial products, and has independently developed nearly 3500 end enterprise purchasers, which has laid a good source advantage and buyer foundation for the mall. The V1P company, South China Aozhan hardware products (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd., is one of the first batch of production brand suppliers of MRO mall of South China urban network. These suppliers not only have independent production and R & D capabilities, but also have strong brand awareness. They are the mainstay of brand, quality and service of South China urban network< Huang Youqi of South China Olympiad hardware products (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd. received an exclusive interview with South China city net. there was an endless stream of predecessors at the exhibition booth. Ms. Zhang, a staff member of South China city net, introduced the one-stop purchasing mode of MRO Mall for industrial products. She said: “enterprise purchasers don’t need to spend a lot of time to communicate, inspect, negotiate with various suppliers To sign a contract, you can easily complete the group procurement task that originally took 20 days or more to complete through Huanan city network. 1n the MRO Mall for industrial products of South China city network, the purchasing staff can easily manage the purchase orders, just like inputting “1 + 1”, so that the enterprise can get the accurate product of “2” Relying on the advantages of time-saving, labor-saving and sunshine and transparency, the one-stop MRO procurement mode of industrial products of South China city network has been recognized by many exhibitors and suppliers, and signed letters of intent with many suppliers at the exhibition site< As a B2B raw material purchasing and trading platform, South China city network (csc86. Com) has been adhering to the operation mode of "Online + offline dual track development, entity + network three-dimensional operation, industry + regional vertical and horizontal combination" relying on the entity business city of South China city. At the exhibition, Shenzhen dikesco Technology Co., Ltd., a V1P member of South China city network, exhibited reducer, frequency converter, servo system, etc. with the advantages of high quality, high precision, low energy consumption, miniaturization and intellectualization, it showed its edge among the numerous high-tech products in the high tech fair, attracting many buyers to linger and negotiate in front of the exhibits; As an old enterprise focusing on fastener products, South China Aozhan hardware products (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd. mainly displays its stainless steel standard parts brands, such as Aozhan, Aofeng and aobiao. 1t focuses on various high-precision fastener products such as carbon steel, stainless steel screws, nuts and gaskets in high-tech fields such as automobile, aerospace and electronics, The fiery atmosphere of communication in front of the display cabinet is enough to show that "small screws can also hold up a sky" exhibits of Shenzhen dikesco Technology Co., Ltd. exhibits of South China Olympic exhibition hardware products (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd. “1nternet style” activities were held in the exhibition hall in addition, the on-site interactive activities of South China city network also adopted new 1nternet means, attracting a lot of exhibitors to participate the on-site activities of South China city network attract many audiences to stop the 1nternet interaction not only reflects the excellent gene of South China city network 1nternet, but also makes the on-site activities more participatory and interesting. Among them, watching the live video and answering questions by mobile phone were the most popular. The audience of the exhibition made a “head up group” by watching the live video, and then made a “head down group” by scanning the code and answering questions. During the pitch, they completed a “spiritual communication” with South China city network. The activity was very popular, and the audience of the exhibition was “Hi” throughout the whole process lucky turntable, lucky winning audience as the purchasing and trading platform of industrial products under the South China city group, South China city network has unique offline entity merchant resources and strong 1nternet gene. After nearly five years of industry development, South China City network is gradually growing in the field of MRO of industrial products, The trial operation version of MRO Mall for industrial products of South China city network, which appeared in the high tech fair this time, is not only the starting point for South China city network to readjust its previous industry strategic layout, but also the B2B vertical e-commerce website to be built by South China city network in addition to the open B2B trading platform csc86.com in the future. 1n the future, South China city network will overcome the difficulties and create a convenient, fast and efficient “purchasing paradise” for MRO purchasing enterprises of industrial products< 1n the trial operation stage of MRO Mall for industrial products, South China city network of the 19th high tech fair sincerely recruited high-quality suppliers from all over the country; At the same time, more enterprises and retailers are welcome to join us. 1n the future, South China city network will continue to penetrate into the industry, become a leader in the industrial products industry, and make the one-stop MRO procurement service of industrial products more professional and meticulous

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