South China city net MRO mall won China Financial Summit 2018 industry influential brand

China Financial peak 2018 industry influential brand

on July 19, the 7th China financial summit with the theme of “opening a new era and a new journey for China’s economy” was held in Beijing. This financial summit gathered thousands of elite leaders from many industries, such as politics, business, education, media, to discuss the new concept of China’s economic development in the new era. As a rising star, South China city network was invited to participate and won two awards with its increasingly strong brand influence: South China city network is the “2018 industry influential brand”, and Mr. Fan Xiaojun, the person in charge of South China city network, is the “2018 new era business leader”

2018 industry influential brand

this is another honor after winning the “2017 most valuable growth Award” at the 6th China financial summit. Since its establishment, South China city network has won many important awards from the media in the industry. This time, it won two awards from China financial summit. 1t is not only the summit’s full affirmation of the achievements of South China city network, but also a high recognition of the company’s business philosophy and future development value. For many years, South China city network has focused on providing one-stop industrial products procurement services for enterprise users. Since its operation, it has successfully helped 35000 + enterprises solve procurement problems, reduced costs and improved efficiency, and created greater value for enterprises. 1t has accumulated good reputation and reputation in the industrial MRO Market, and has been highly recognized by the majority of enterprise users, media and the industry

1nternet plus a new force suddenly rises. Change rapidly raging like a storm in the 1nternet industry. The MRO industrial products business platform is rising unevenly. Competition is fierce. How can companies win the blue ocean in the tide of the times? South China city network, relying on the eight entity business logistics and 500000 off-line suppliers, manufacturers, retailers and agents resources of South China city group, holds the unique competitive advantage, and cooperates with Jingdong cloud and Ping’an bank to build a one-stop purchasing platform for industrial products MRO mall with perfect technology and safe transaction

industry 4 era, 1nternet plus wave, the traditional manufacturing industry is in deep distress. Southern China City 1ndustrial MRO shopping mall is another way to integrate and optimize supply chain resources. We will spare no effort to build a rich and complete MRO supply library for industrial products, plug in the wings of the 1nternet for the traditional manufacturing industry, help the transformation and transformation of small and medium-sized manufacturing industry, and open up a new sales path in the purchasing market of hundreds of millions of enterprises. Up to now, South China city network has selected and gathered thousands of world-famous brand manufacturers and agents, forming a massive high-quality supply library, and optimizing a professional and high-quality supply chain for the industry. More importantly, the professional, efficient, safe and convenient differentiated services of MRO Mall for industrial products of South China urban network effectively solve the pain points of procurement industry such as opaque procurement, difficult supervision, low efficiency and complicated process, which has affected thousands of enterprise users to change their procurement mode, helped enterprises to realize the optimal allocation of resources, and played a positive driving role in the construction of industry ecology, The award-winning “2018 industry influential brand” is well deserved

South China city network MRO mall won the 2018 industry influential brand

ascended and looked far ahead, South China city network can become a “black horse” in the field of industrial e-commerce, which is inseparable from the leadership of Mr. Fan Xiaojun, the enterprise leader. Mr. Fan Xiaojun has been deeply rooted in the industry for many years and has constantly put forward profound insights in the industrial MRO industry. Mr. Fan Xiaojun believes that in the field of industrial 1nternet, offline channels must be stable in order to detonate online. The new mode of industrial interconnection based on online and offline integration must be based on the accumulation of big data with sufficient volume. He believes that the B2B e-commerce platform with online and offline integration will be the future development direction. Mr. Fan Xiaojun’s outstanding leadership ability and rich working experience have led the vigorous development and prosperity of South China city network, making it a new force in the B2B industry, creating immeasurable value for enterprise users and the industry, guiding the business trend of the new era of 1nternet, and worthy of being a business leader in the new era

nowadays, MRO e-commerce platform is in full bloom in China market, and each has its own characteristics. 1n the future, South China city network will, as always, adhere to the business philosophy of “brand, quality and service”, pay more attention to the needs of users, deeply cultivate the MRO field of industrial products, continuously integrate and optimize the supply chain system, continuously improve the operation functions of the platform, provide better one-stop procurement solutions for enterprise procurement users, and continuously enhance the influence of enterprises, Act as the promoter and reformer of the industry, and contribute to the healthy and orderly development of industrial MRO industry

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