South China city network: a new mode of scenario procurement for building construction safety protection solutions

Building construction is an industry that focuses on architectural design, construction, decoration and management, including other related industries derived from the construction industry itself. Construction projects are all over China, and there are tens of thousands of practitioners in the construction industry. Construction safety should be the top priority for enterprises to pay attention to practitioners< 1n 2015, the total output value of China's construction industry reached 18075.7 billion yuan, an increase o2.3% over the previous year. 1n 2014, the output value reached 17671.3 billion yuan, an increase of 10.2%. From 2009 to 2013, the annual compound growth rate of the total output value of China's construction industry reached 20.01%. As a pillar industry in China, the construction industry has maintained rapid development. 1n order to enhance the industrial status of the construction industry, it is urgent to pay attention to the personal protection of the 46 million construction workers the construction project is labor-intensive, and the construction personnel mainly work in the open or high-altitude environment, with high intensity and risk, many potential safety hazards, and high probability of safety accidents. Thousands of people die in accidents every year, and the direct economic loss caused by accidents exceeds 10 billion in order to strengthen the use of PPE for construction workers, the relevant departments of the state issued the “1nterim Provisions on the use and management of personal labor protection articles for construction workers” on Novembe5, 2007, which requires the enterprises where the construction workers work to distribute labor protection articles free of charge according to the national regulations, and replace the damaged or expired labor protection articles, such as safety helmets, gloves, gloves, etc Safety shoes to ensure the safety of construction workers one stop intelligent centralized purchasing hits the purchasing pain point directly South China city network industrial products MRO mall gathers millions of high-quality purchasers on the purchasing platform, such as Cosco real estate, first Asia Pacific, Guangzhou Huayuan, Guanghui oil, Kerui, AoXin technology and other enterprises’ purchasing habits, purchasing cycle, capital flow and other historical data 1ntelligent matching orders and big data analysis to improve the accuracy and breadth of enterprise procurement, to segment the customer group of enterprise procurement scene, matching the standard equipment of labor protection articles for construction personnel 1. Head protection: safety helmet must be worn when entering the construction site safety helmet is mainly used to protect the head safety of employees, but its quality is often substandard. 1f Shanghai Municipal Bureau of quality supervision finds that the sampling pass rate of safety helmet is 80.9% in a certain sampling inspection, the manufacturer can be required to issue the corresponding test report when purchasing basic performance requirements of safety helmet weight: no more than 430g for ordinary safety helmet and no more than 600g for cold proof safety helmet size: inner length of cap shell: 195mm ~ 250mm; Width: 170mm ~ 220mm; Height: 120mm ~ 150mm visor: 10mm ~ 70mm brim: ≤ 70mm distance: vertical spacing ≤ 50mm horizontal spacing: 5mm ~ 20mm; The wearing height should be 80 ~ 90mm Accessories: sweat band is required; The cap hoop should be adjustable; The stability of safety helmet during normal wearing should be ensured impact absorption performance: 5kg drop hammer falls from 1m height, and is pretreated by high temperature, low temperature, water immersion and ultraviolet radiation. After treatment, the impact test is carried out. The force transferred to the head mold is not more than 4900n, and the cap shell shall not have debris falling off puncture resistance performance: 3kg puncture cone falls from 1m height, and is pretreated by high temperature, low temperature, water immersion and ultraviolet radiation The strength of Chin band: according to the test method specified in 4.5 of GB / t2812-2006, the fracture strength of Chin band is between 150n and 250N, and the marking requirements are as follows: 1. Permanent marking of engraving, molding, etc. must include: standard number, manufacturer’s name Production date (month and year), product name, special technical performance (if any)

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