South China city network hardware mall will be launched to create a new online one-stop purchasing experience

Recently, South China city network and JD cloud have joined hands to build a B2B trading platform for the hardware industry. The R & D stage has ended, and the platform will enter the trial operation stage at the end of July. Feng Xinghang, vice chairman of South China City, revealed at the performance meeting that the new trading platform will be officially launched in the fourth quarter of this year, which will be a major event in the hardware industry and worthy of attention from people inside and outside the industry. The new platform is ready to be assembled, and the three advantages directly hit the pain point of the industry. 1t will spare no effort to provide one-stop procurement services for China’s hardware procurement enterprises, and inject new vitality and vitality into the development of the industry

advantages of brand manufacturers in terms of sources of goods

South China city network hardware mall accurately subdivides the industry categories, selects and gathers a large number of world-famous hardware brand manufacturers and first-class agents of hardware brands, realizes the comprehensive integration from production, distribution to terminal resources, avoids layer upon layer price increase of dealers, and realizes the quotation of advantageous products of the whole network. At present, there are more than 100000 hardware products in nine categories of power tools, hand tools, pneumatic tools, tool sets, tool accessories / consumables, fasteners / seals, abrasives, hardware consumables and labor protection products. Rich categories and massive SKUs have unique advantages in solving the one-stop purchasing demand of large buyers

leading technical services

relying on the strong 1T technology advantages of JD cloud, the back office of South China city network hardware mall has powerful big data function. Purchasers can quickly find hardware brand products with guaranteed quality, easily count purchasing data, reasonably adjust purchasing decisions, predict future sales, and make product inventory in advance, Ensure that the platform products can meet the procurement needs of purchasers in different production cycles to the maximum extent. The 1T technology advantages of the new platform expansion, such as platform consultation, intelligent recommendation, big data stock plan, intelligent matching order, can make enterprise procurement activities convenient, fast and efficient

Professional one-to-one service

behind the hardware mall of South China city network, there is a huge professional operation team with more than 300 professional hardware operators. According to the budget and usage scenarios of enterprise purchasers, we select a product portfolio that meets their needs from a large number of hardware products to solve product technical problems professionally and efficiently for customers, Provide customized hardware procurement proposal

the newly launched hardware mall of South China city network will provide convenient and efficient one-stop procurement services for the majority of hardware buyers. Tencent’s brand endorsement of HK $1.5 billion strategic stake in South China City, Ping’an bank as a reliable trustee of transaction funds, strong cloud technology escort of JD cloud, and professional team operation control are also available, Tracking orders in time to make online transactions more reliable and safe(South China city network)

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