South China city network “one stop MRO shopping mall” launched to realize differentiated competition

According to Zhitong finance, as early as Jul3, at the performance meeting of South China City, chief financial officer Feng Xinghang disclosed that the one-stop hardware MRO shopping mall jointly built by South China city network and JD cloud will come to an end. After months of research, discussion and R & D, it will be put into use in November this year, With its intensive cultivation in B2B industry and the advantage of South China City in the national regional distribution of wholesale market, the supporting physical warehousing and logistics network is not unrelated

what is the value of one stop MRO shopping mall

in the MRO industry, there is a famous long tail curve: the horizontal axis represents various products purchased by customers, and each point represents a model; The vertical axis represents the purchase quantity of each product

the middle part of the curve is called “wide line demand”, because the categories involved are very wide, and the corresponding purchasing volume of each category is not large, but together it accounts for about 50% of the total, and the quantity of single product is generally calculated as 100 or 10. 1f you also find a manufacturer or general agent as a supplier, the manufacturer or general agent is not willing to cooperate directly because of the small quantity of single product and the low proportion of repeated procurement; Even if they can cooperate, purchasing staff need to maintain too many suppliers, and the purchasing efficiency will be greatly reduced. This part of the procurement is MRO procurement, customers for this part of the procurement, often want to find a one-stop hardware MRO shopping mall

the dilemma of MRO industrial products purchasing

for a long time, domestic enterprises have a wide range of industrial products purchased by MRO, and the purchase amount only accounts for about 5% – 10% of the total purchase amount of enterprises. Although the proportion of purchase amount is not high, purchasing enterprises need to spend a lot of time to find goods, find suppliers, busy with inquiry and price comparison, but the time and labor cost of placing orders are as high as 60% – 80%, The relative cost is still high, and the other extreme of MRO procurement management is that it needs to connect with many small and medium-sized suppliers, and the procurement is scattered, which makes it difficult to guarantee the after-sales service, or even the quality of products

therefore, to solve the problem of traditional enterprises’ MRO procurement, we should not only meet the problem of MRO procurement efficiency, but also solve the problems of quality, price, delivery time and risk control< According to the strategic cooperation agreement signed between Jingdong group and South China urban network, Jingdong cloud will provide cloud technology services for South China urban network MRO shopping mall. At present, the growing South China urban network hardware mall has gathered 9 categories, over 100000 source hardware products, rich categories and massive SKUs, Millions of high-quality supplier resources, relying on the technical support of JD cloud, can improve the accuracy, breadth and speed of enterprise procurement sourcing according to the system algorithm, manual matching and network wide recommendation, and reduce the cost of material procurement. At the same time, South China city network hardware mall also provides two ways for purchasers to find and quote goods, namely, batch upload of purchase orders and upload of solution requirements, So as to save the purchase cost it is particularly mentioned that many group manufacturing enterprises are unable to concentrate on purchasing in various parts of the country, the service level of suppliers in different parts is uneven, and the prices of the same product from the same manufacturer are varied. 1n this case, a number of advanced domestic enterprises, such as first Asia Pacific, Dongfeng Liuqi, Guanghui oil Yutong group and others have reached strategic purchasing cooperation with South China city network hardware mall, which can not only save the time of negotiation with various suppliers, but also free the purchasing staff from the tedious process of information screening and data collation, greatly improving the work efficiency of purchasing staff

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