South China city network sincerely invites the elite team of Unitech to exchange ideas and talk about the road of win-win cooperation

1n order to promote good cooperation and development, on August 23, South China city network sincerely invited Mr. Jin Zhanhua from the marketing department of youlide Technology (China) Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as youlide) to visit South China city network with an elite team, and held a forum on the spot to exchange ideas and win-win cooperation

exchange and learn from each other

as one of the largest 1nstrument Companies in Asia, Mr. youlide Jin Zhanhua described in detail the structure, category, function, advantages and application fields of youlide test instrument, digital multimeter, digital clamp meter, oscilloscope and other products at the forum, and added product demonstration and comparison links in the process, There is a strong learning atmosphere. Through this exchange, both sides have a deeper understanding of products and business, and have absorbed and learned from the good experience of both sides, which has laid a solid foundation for future development and cooperation

forum site

MRO mall of industrial products of South China city network

the MRO mall of industrial products of South China city network has selected and gathered a large number of world-famous test instrument brand manufacturers and first-class agents, and thousands of large brand suppliers like Unitech have cooperated for a long time. The mall covers nine categories of hardware tools, fasteners and seals, hardware consumables and soldering, labor protection and security, clean office, industrial control equipment, bearing machinery, laboratory supplies and industrial testing. 1t is specialized in providing enterprise users with one-stop intelligent centralized purchasing, enterprise scene purchasing and other professional services< At the same time, as one of the largest 1nstrument Companies in Asia, Unitech has focused on the design, production and sales of industrial test instruments for more than 30 years, and has a large market share and popularity in domestic and foreign markets; 1ts high-quality products are exported to Europe, America, Africa and more than 90 countries in the world win win cooperation since the formal cooperation between Unitech and South China city network in early 2018, the two sides have been adhering to the concept of good faith and friendship to carry out cooperation. So far, they have provided many customers with professional and high-quality services and products and won the recognition and trust of customers. 1n the future, South China city network and Unitech will, as always, provide customers with one-stop procurement services and high-quality test instrument products, and strive to make new breakthroughs in the sales field, so as to achieve the goal of win-win cooperation

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