South China city network won the “most valuable growth Award” of China Financial Summit

1n the fiery July, there are many good news! On July 19, the Sixth China financial and economic summit with the theme of “new picture of China’s economy: transformation and change” was solemnly held in Beijing. Among them, at the award ceremony of “glory and dream – 2017 tribute ceremony”, South China city network hardware mall stood out in many brand competitions and won the “2017 most growth value award”, which further demonstrated the unique brand charm of the hardware mall. This is another honor after winning the “China 1nternet driven new vitality Award” at the 16th China 1nternet Conference on July 13. This is a high degree of recognition from both inside and outside the industry for the brilliant achievements of South China city network hardware mall in industry influence, independent innovation ability and benefit value

promote the optimization and upgrading of the industry, activate the new value of hardware

China financial summit is one of the most influential ideological events in China’s current economic field, which brings together many heavyweight guests in the fields of politics, business, education, media, culture and art, and has great influence in China. The theme of this year’s China financial summit is “transformation and change”. Obviously, in the era of rapid popularization of the 1nternet, many traditional enterprises are forced to transform under the attack of the new force of the 1nternet. They are facing unprecedented new impacts and challenges. How to “turn around” is still the most popular industry topic” The 1nternet plus “whirlwind” swept all walks of life, and the 1nternet and various industries added together, which brought us too much imagination. 1n the teeth of the storm of 1nternet plus, Southern China shopping mall and Jingdong cloud jointly create an innovative one-stop hardware procurement platform, which breaks through traditional procurement limitations, aims to boost the upgrading of the hardware industry, activate the new value of hardware, and lead the industry to a new high. The so-called “most growth value”, in addition to the enterprise’s own growth with the most development potential, must have an immeasurable positive role in promoting the development of the industry

Feng Xinghang, vice chairman of South China City, revealed at the performance meeting that the hardware mall jointly built by South China city net and Jingdong cloud will be launched in the fourth quarter of this year, creating a professional hardware procurement platform for National Hardware enterprises, dealers, retailers and other users, providing one-stop hardware procurement services such as hardware product supply, online procurement, transaction matching, hardware group purchase, etc. The hardware mall integrates the advantaged offline resources of South China city network with the outstanding cloud technology and service advantages of JD cloud, powerful order batch generation, accurate matching, historical transaction data analysis, capital security guarantee and other intelligent purchasing functions, which truly liberates purchasers from the tedious process of information screening and data collation, Greatly improve the efficiency of purchasing staff

the development of the industry is the guiding light, hitting the purchasing pain point directly

the one-stop purchasing mode of South China city network hardware mall has attracted the attention of people inside and outside the industry, and everyone is full of infinite expectations for the future development of the new platform. As a new type of purchasing mode, one-stop purchasing mode will be recognized by more and more enterprises for its high efficiency, convenience and safety, and become the best choice for many enterprises to reduce cost and increase efficiency and improve comprehensive competitiveness

focusing on the procurement difficulties of the majority of hardware purchasers and the supply pain of suppliers, South China city network hardware mall selects and gathers a large number of world-famous hardware brand manufacturers and first-class agents of hardware brands, realizes the comprehensive integration of production, distribution and terminal resources, and strives to provide all-round and efficient procurement solutions for purchasers, For enterprises to effectively solve the sourcing channel is narrow, category is not rich, procurement efficiency is low, reduce the cost of procurement and other procurement problems. The new online hardware mall has the advantages of reducing procurement costs, saving time and money, clear procurement list management, convenient hardware logistics and warehousing services, brand manufacturers’ source advantages, and three major after-sales guarantees, which are favored by the majority of hardware buyers and suppliers. The launch of the hardware mall will inject new vitality into the development of the industry and become the guiding light for dealers, retailers and end users of the hardware industry

through a few years of development, South China city network hardware mall has gradually grown and become a dazzling “new star” in the industry, This time, it was once again awarded the “2017 most valuable growth Award” of China financial summit. This is not only the recognition of the rapid development strength of South China city network, but also a powerful spur for the future development of the new platform. 1n the future, South China city network hardware mall will continue to seek innovation, and quickly realize the next leap forward development(South China city network)

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