South China city online industrial products MRO mall cuts into trillions market blue ocean

Technology and wisdom integration, innovation mode shock set sail! China’s innovative one-stop procurement platform – South China city network industrial products MRO mall officially launched, released the commercial trial operation version! The MRO Mall for industrial products of South China city network is jointly built by South China city network and JD cloud. 1t takes 11 months of research, discussion and R & D to integrate the rich offline resources of South China city and the professional cloud technology of JD cloud. 1t is specialized in providing one-stop high-quality industrial products procurement services for enterprise users and retailers< 1n 2016, South China city joined hands with Jingdong group to establish long-term and comprehensive strategic cooperation in MRO industry, e-commerce, warehousing and logistics, financial services and other fields. 1n the field of industrial e-commerce, we should make full use of the offline resources of South China city group and the accumulated experience of South China city network in the industrial e-commerce industry, and combine the advantages of JD cloud technology development to build a new MRO Mall for industrial products focusing on the pain points of industry users, the MRO mall of industrial products of South China city network provides more convenient one-stop intelligent centralized purchasing service for the vast number of industrial products buyers. The difficulties and pain points of industrial products industry, such as opaque price, low purchasing efficiency, unable to guarantee authentic products, unable to guarantee the spot, will be effectively solved MRO mall of industrial products focuses on four advantages to make purchasing easier technical advantages through big data interconnection, MRO mall of industrial products of South China urban network realizes informatization, sunshine and disintermediation of the supply chain, provides strong support for optimal cost, sunshine anti-corruption and efficiency improvement, and expands the capacity of platform consultation, intelligent order management, big data goods preparation plan, intelligent order management and so on The advantages of intelligent technology, such as accurate product matching, liberate the purchasing staff from the tedious process of information screening and data collation, greatly improve the working efficiency of purchasing staff and greatly reduce the purchasing cost category advantages South China city network MRO mall selects and gathers a large number of world-famous hardware brand manufacturers and first-class agents, and cooperates with thousands of large brand suppliers for a long time, realizing the comprehensive integration of production, distribution and terminal resources. The mall covers nine categories of hardware tools, fasteners and seals, hardware consumables and soldering, labor protection and security, clean office, industrial control equipment, bearing machinery, laboratory supplies and industrial testing, with hundreds of thousands of SKUs. The rich categories and SKUs fully meet the demand of one-stop centralized purchasing security advantages the four brands work together to make online transactions more reliable and safer. South China city’s unique offline resource integration helps the development of the whole industry chain by concentrating its advantages, and plays an important role in supporting and guaranteeing the safe and effective operation of the supply and procurement process; JD cloud’s powerful cloud technology escorts and provides full technical support; Ping An Bank network transaction settlement system, to achieve platform payment and settlement links safe and convenient; South China city network professional senior operation team to provide a full range of operation and management services for the mall after sales advantages the perfect supplier management mechanism, professional quality inspection center and unified quality control of MRO mall ensure that every product sold meets the quality requirements. At the same time, the mall’s procurement, logistics, after-sales, financial, data analysis, technical support and other comprehensive procurement solutions, refined after-sales service management system, ensure that users have a better online trading experience take the road of innovation driven, be the leader of MRO industry of industrial products in the global e-commerce, the traditional enterprise transformation industry e-commerce model is the most potential and development prospect, MRO industry e-commerce represents the future development direction of the industry, “the competition among enterprises is the competition of business model”. The one-stop purchasing mode of MRO Mall for industrial products of South China urban network has been recognized by more and more enterprises for its high efficiency, convenience and safety, and has become an excellent choice for many enterprises to reduce costs and increase efficiency and improve their comprehensive competitiveness through a few years of development, South China city network has gradually grown and expanded. 1t has won the awards of “China’s B2B new enterprise of the year”, “B2B potential enterprise award”, “China’s 1nternet driven new vitality Award”, “2017’s most valuable growth Award”, “2017’s top 100 B2B enterprises Award”, “2017’s top 100 e-commerce industry award” and so on, The development potential cannot be underestimated in the trial operation stage of the development of MRO Mall for industrial products of South China urban network, hundreds of V1P big purchases including Guanghui oil, Kerui, AoXin technology, etc. have accumulated and entered the stage of deep cooperation. 1n the future, South China urban network will continue to penetrate into the field of industrial e-commerce, integrate online and offline resources, and create a new situation in the field of MRO for industrial products

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