South China urban network brings enterprise scenario procurement solution to industrial park, causing upsurge

in September 2018, South China city network went to several industrial parks in Shenzhen to carry out enterprise scene procurement tour activities, went deep into the front line and directly communicated with users, so as to timely understand and grasp the enterprise procurement needs and pain points

on Septembe5, the first exhibition tour of the industrial park took the lead in Shenzhen Hongxin science and technology park. The staff of South China city network showed many kinds of products, such as hardware tools, abrasives, fire protection, industrial testing, labor protection and so on. With professional services and well planned activities, the front-line workers of the 1ndustrial Park stopped in front of the exhibition stand to exchange and discuss with the staff of South China city network, Negotiate cooperation intention, communicate purchase demand, etc

Scene 1: walk into Hongxin science and Technology Park

on September 14 and 18, the staff of South China city network walked into Shenzhen Bao’an Caowei 1ndustrial Park and gave a professional and comprehensive explanation of enterprise scenario procurement solutions. The activity was in full swing, attracting hundreds of enterprise employees to experience the online purchasing process of MRO mall of South China city network. For on-site enterprise staff’s question, the staff patiently answers, lets the industrial park enterprise staff have the deeper understanding to the mall and the brand. The brand-new purchasing experience was praised by the factory, employees and onlookers

Scene 2: walk into Caowei 1ndustrial Park

in addition, from September 20 to 21, South China city network successively walked into Xicheng 1ndustrial Park and liantangkeng 1ndustrial Park, providing users with direct solutions to the pain points, solving the problem of resource waste, greatly reducing the procurement cost, and making efforts to empower the procurement of industrial parks< The third scene: entering Xicheng 1ndustrial Park since its launch, South China city network MRO mall has supplied more than 35000 enterprises, successfully providing one-stop MRO centralized purchasing solutions for automobile manufacturing, electronic manufacturing, petrochemical, machinery manufacturing and other industries, reducing costs and increasing efficiency for enterprises. The purpose of this visit to the industrial park is to timely understand the real needs and pain points of enterprises in the purchase of industrial products, so as to continuously optimize the functions and services of the mall platform and help enterprises simplify the purchase process and improve their efficiency want to know more about industrial products MRO industry information and explosive products, please pay attention to Southern China city WeChat official account hncw2012

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