South Korean company displays safety helmet with built-in LED lighting function

KMW company of South Korea recently exhibited safety helmets with built-in wireless communication function and LED lighting function in Japan. The “i-meth” for construction site and heavy industry and “i-metd” for disaster relief are developed

i-meth embeds a two-way wireless communication module wit2.4GHz frequency band in the earmuff, and the maximum transmission power is set to 20dbm, which can transmit hundreds of meters. 1n addition, it also supports specific low-power wireless communication in 400MHz band, weighing 550G. The lithium polymer rechargeable battery equipped for wireless communication can communicate for about 6 hours, and the LED lighting has a maximum output power of 2W. 1t is assumed that the wireless communication function can be used in the construction site for the communication of staff or to guide the evacuation in case of disaster

i-metd is also supposed to be used for disaster prevention of public facilities such as primary and secondary schools, with a weight of only 500g, realizing lightweight. 1n addition to LED lighting, it also has specific low-power wireless communication function in 400MHz frequency band. The built-in lithium polymer rechargeable battery has a capacity of 1600ma

both helmets are sold under KMW’s brand name “gigatera”. KMW believes that in the Japanese market, which attaches great importance to disaster countermeasures, the demand for such helmets will expand, and the market will also increase in the future

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