Spain’s clothing industry frequently makes strange moves, Chinese businessmen feel pressure

on June 7 this year, the newspaper reported that a 2000 square meter large-scale low-cost clothing supermarket in Barcelona attracted customers with a large number of colorful and low-cost goods. At the same time, it also posed a challenge to the Chinese businessmen who have always responded to the market competition with “price war”. As soon as the article was published, it immediately attracted the attention of Chinese businessmen engaged in the clothing industry in Madrid and other places. Many Chinese businessmen believed that this move of Spanish clothing merchants completely broke through the traditional business means of Spanish business, and learned from the Chinese people the method of “fighting for price and making a big discount”, which not only led to a chaotic situation in the clothing market, To a great extent, it has impacted the market of overseas Chinese businessmen

in an interview with fondo in Barcelona at the beginning of this month, the author found that a Spanish clothing retail store near the C / Beethoven Street near the subway entrance also put out a red eye-catching advertisement of 5 euro / piece of clothing. Due to the summer discount period in Spain, 1 didn’t care about it at first. However, after a short time, 1 found the same fashion retail stores near the Arc de Triomphe in the center of Barcelona and sants square, which also played 5 euro / piece of red eye-catching advertising. 1f we say that a large clothing wholesale and retail supermarket has an impact on the clothing market of Chinese businessmen, but now, like the trend of “a single spark can start a prairie fire”, the retail stores with 5 euro / piece advertising everywhere also begin to follow the large wholesale and retail supermarkets, showing a “bayonet” for the Chinese clothing industry, which is undoubtedly worse for the Chinese. Recently, the author conducted a detailed understanding and interview on this incident

inside story of large-scale retail and wholesale supermarkets

it is understood that Primark, a large-scale low-cost clothing supermarket opened near Barcelona’s district Mar, with an area of 2000 square meters, is favored by a large number of people in Barcelona and even retail shop owners for all kinds of clothing, jewelry, shoes, hats and other goods. Every day, 15 Caja cashiers are constantly busy, The queue waiting for payment has also been in a “long” state

according to a person familiar with the matter, the author said: “the main person in charge of this large-scale cheap clothing supermarket used to be a supplier of clothing import and export trade from China to Spain. He specialized in providing finished brand clothing for famous large shopping malls and shops in Spain. He knows the procedures of clothing import and export, domestic clothing market and Spanish sales market very well. However, during decades of clothing work, the person in charge found that local clothing brands did not have an advantage in competing with Chinese clothing, especially in terms of price. 1t can be said that they have been suppressed by Chinese clothing. ” After investigating the market one by one, the person in charge with decades of experience in the clothing industry made a bold decision: to rent a 2000 square meter supermarket near the local Mar at a rent of 70000 or 80000 yuan / month, purchase goods directly from China, and retail them to customers at a wholesale price. As the source of goods and prices are consistent with the purchase channels of Chinese clothing manufacturers, the person in charge of the company has officially started to declare war on the Chinese clothing market in Spain by using the traditional Chinese business strategy of “price war”: to compete with Chinese businessmen with Chinese goods

the person in charge told the author: “the person in charge has rich experience in the clothing industry. 1t is said that he also put forward the slogan of” use Chinese goods to defeat Chinese people “. Because he has been dealing with Chinese people for many years and knows the business strategy of Chinese people very well, as soon as he opened his large supermarket, he attracted many customers, some even the owners of nearby clothing retail stores, which is very big for Chinese clothing stores. “

it is understood that due to the breakthrough in price, the large-scale cheap supermarket is even more popular than the Barcelona warehouse area: according to the procedures of the traditional clothing industry, when the retail clothing owners go to the supermarket to wholesale goods, they are unable to carefully select the style, purchase quantity and item number of the goods, and often select the style and item number of the goods, You have to follow the procedure and take as much as you want. But the large-scale supermarket is different, no matter what kind of goods you choose, what kind of product number and how much quantity you need, you can choose at will. Moreover, compared with the miscellaneous, messy and dirty warehouse area, the shopping environment of the large-scale low-cost supermarket is very ideal. Purchasing is equal to shopping. With the convenient communication in language, business philosophy and other aspects, the large-scale supermarket has become the best choice for many Spanish and South American clothing owners to abandon the warehouse purchasing

retail clothing stores join the price war

driven by the large-scale low-cost supermarket, many retail clothing stores also begin to “follow the gourd and draw the gourd”, taking advantage of the price war to seize the market with Chinese clothing stores. Before the start of this summer’s discount period, 1 saw many retail stores selling clothes at “8-10 euro / piece” in Barcelona. These retail stores are generally set up in the streets, stations, subway stations and other areas with large flow. After entering the discount period, the “price war” of these retail stores is more intense. 1n the vicinity of fondo, Arc de Triomphe, sants and so on, the author found that some retail stores hung “5 euro / piece” red eye-catching advertisements. According to the author’s observation, some of these clothing retail stores are set up by South Americans and some by Spaniards, but they all seem to have been negotiated, and the red eye-catching advertisements are the same: they not only cover the whole facade with red decoration paper, but also write the words “today’s full 5 euro”

according to an overseas Chinese who has lived in Spain for many years and has been engaged in clothing business for many years, the author said: “1 am also surprised that these stores are not in the same place, they are all scattered in various parts of Barcelona, and they are not chain stores, but the content of the discount advertisements, even the paper color and layout of the advertisements are the same, 1t’s as if we’ve agreed that someone will take the lead to open a clothing store for Chinese people in it? “

in a 5 Euro clothing store near sants square, the author found that some ordinary T-shirts, T-shirts and other clothing are sold at the price of 4.99-5.99 euro / piece, while some high-grade fashion and women’s clothing are also sold at the price of 6.99-9.99 euro. Under the pressure of this kind of operation, some Chinese clothing stores in the vicinity have generally reduced their prices to around 6-15 euros, but the gap of only 0.99 Euro still makes these local Spanish or South American clothing stores occupy the advantage and seize most of the nearby markets

according to a clothing store owner near sants square, he said with a sad face: “every June to September, it should be the peak sales season for clothing stores. But this summer, not only Chinese clothing stores are blooming everywhere, opening up one by one to compete for business, but also the clothing stores in X1BANYA are starting to lower their prices, Take business with us. We don’t have an advantage in language, but now we lose the advantage in price. Of course, Spaniards will go to stores where language can communicate and price is cheap. ” Not only that, the author also found that: these Spanish or South American clothing stores, which cut the price to 5 euro, are especially vigilant to the Chinese people who come to the door. 1n order to investigate the matter, 1 went to a 5 Euro clothing store in C / Beethoven Street of fondo. 1 saw that 1 was holding a camera in my hand. The owner and salesperson of this clothing store were watching me carefully as a thief. They were afraid that the Chinese would “steal” the price of their own store, so as to reveal the “secret” of “operating at a low price and winning customers”< On the one hand, the large-scale low-cost retail and wholesale clothing supermarkets established in Spain have had an impact on the warehouse, wholesale and retail industries of overseas Chinese merchants; on the other hand, the Spanish and South American clothing retail stores have taken advantage of the "price war" to seize the clothing market with the Chinese, This summer's clothing industry is full of smoke, and it has a "bayonet fighting" posture in Chinese and Western clothing industry has as like as two peas of clothing, which are already blossom everywhere and spread, and the advertising content, patterns and even colors are the same, the Spanish overseas leader in the clothing industry is worried to tell the author: “according to this model, 5 We don’t rule out the possibility of organizing clothing stores within the Basai clothing guild to fight against Chinese clothing in a unified form. According to this situation, on the one hand, because of the competition in the clothing industry, on the other hand, because of the impact of the Spanish economic crisis, the Spaniards began to increase the competition with the Chinese clothing industry. The current situation is unfavorable to both the Chinese and the Spanish. After all, the form of “price war” is a vicious circle of losing money and losing money. 1f the situation is not well controlled, it will easily lead to a situation of losing both sides and market disorder. Therefore, it is difficult for the Chinese to cope with the current situation. The Chinese people need to unite. Only by uniting can they keep up with the market and resist the pressure brought about by any competition. “

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