Spain shoes wholesale market shows fatigue

according to Spain’s Euromonitor, businesses in Madrid’s fuenlabrada warehouse area generally reported that after Christmas and new year’s day, business plummeted, and the whole market showed signs of fatigue

Mr. Li, who moved from Elche to fuenlabrada, said that the three-year economic crisis has led to the decline of the once brilliant Elche shoe city. And Madrid now warehouse area shoes wholesale business has formed a certain scale, but the overall appeal and turnover still can’t compare with before

at present, the biggest hope is to hold this last position, expect Spain’s economy to have a relatively big improvement this year, and further expand its popularity and influence with the help of Madrid’s popularity and group operation. However, according to the market situation after the Spring Festival, everyone’s sales performance is not ideal, and the prospect is not optimistic. Of course, entering the off-season is a stage of active preparation for every boss. Maybe the next quarter will be a good turn over

the owners of department store wholesale warehouses also generally reflect that the frequency of 100 yuan shopkeepers to purchase goods decreased sharply after Christmas last year. Compared with previous years, this year, the 100 yuan shopkeepers are more cautious when purchasing goods. 1t can be seen that everyone is very short of money, and the purchase quantity has also decreased significantly. The purchasing power of the Spanish people fell into a trough after the festival. Compared with the same period last year, the sales volume of 100 yuan stores generally fell by two to three levels. Coupled with the increasingly fierce competition in the same industry, everyone’s life is not easy. The decline of traditional industries, where Chinese are more concentrated, can be seen at a glance in the post economic crisis period. Perhaps for the whole Spanish market, this is the darkest moment before dawn. Everyone is looking forward to the dawn of economic recovery

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