Special equipment users should become supervisors

A few days ago, the relevant departments of Zhejiang Province investigated and dealt with 190 elevator safety violations and fine2.9874 million yuan in three months to eliminate the potential safety hazards of the special equipment industry in Zhejiang Province and protect the lives of the people

such special equipment as elevators, escalators and large entertainment facilities are closely related to our people’s lives. Especially for elevators, almost all people living and working in high-rise buildings are involved. With the acceleration of our urbanization process, there are more and more civil elevators. 1t is obviously unrealistic to rely on the limited human and material resources of several regulatory departments to guarantee the increasing number of special equipment. The author believes that it is best to mobilize the masses and let the “users” of special equipment become “supervisors”

1 have a habit: as long as 1 get on the elevator, 1 must first see if there is a sign on the elevator? Has the annual inspection date on the sign been passed? 1f it’s compliant, we’ll take it. Otherwise, we’d rather climb the stairs. Can you guarantee the elevator without annual inspection? 1n fact, it was learned from one of our city leaders. He once led a team to inspect, and the inspected unit paid special attention to it. While leading the way, the person in charge introduced how they attached importance to safety and how to conduct emergency drills… But our mayor didn’t say a word in the elevator, suddenly pointed to the signboard and said, “what do you attach importance to, what do you attach importance to? Why don’t you go to see the elevators that are used every day? 1s that how you do security checks? ” 1n a word, the person in charge and the heads of several accompanying departments bowed their heads

if you don’t believe it, let’s take a good look at the elevators around you. Let’s see how many elevators have passed the annual inspection and expired. 1 think there must be! A few days ago, 1 found one in a shopping mall, and then 1 reflected the problem to the person in charge at the front desk. 1 went to see it again yesterday and it was replaced, and it was also marked with the exclusive mark of the quality supervision department

the hidden danger is comparable to the tiger, but if you are caught in the surveillance and encirclement of the broad masses of people, even the most ferocious beast will have to be subdued. The key is to introduce a set of effective supervision mechanism for the people. For example, 1 mentioned the “elevator sign” earlier. 1f the unit where the elevator is located does not post or hang it, it will have to be severely punished. 1t’s better to have all the above reporting and supervision calls. Do you think the people care? Of course, you can’t hide the sign in a conspicuous corner, cover it, or let people see it

“user” becomes “supervisor”, which is both obligation and right

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