Special fabrics favored

recently, China Textile City has paid more and more attention to the multi-purpose special fabrics woven with special raw materials and special technology, and the decentralized subscription funds have increased

the market share of bulletproof cloth, anti radiation cloth, anti ultraviolet cloth, anti burning cloth, reflective cloth and other special fabrics with special materials or special treatment is increasing. Since the beginning of this year, in the East market, united market, north market and Tianhui market, the technological content of fabrics has become higher and higher, and the varieties on the market have increased significantly; Some varieties after post-processing, can not see the raw material composition and fabric style. For example, the polyamide aramid wire bulletproof cloth, which is famous for its breaking strength, is not widely used and has a single product, but its domestic and foreign trade are constantly increasing, and its counterpart customers have been chasing for orders and asking for goods; 1ndustrial use of three and four proofs of duct cloth, air bag cloth, massage health care cloth, also by customers to inquire for goods in many batches; Both thin and light heat-resistant flame-proof cloth, to single goods from time to time. What’s more, the fabric as thin as cicada silk is neither woven nor non-woven, such as cloth and non cloth, but it is heat-resistant, moisture permeable and sweat wicking. 1t has amazing uses and is repeatedly subject to the demand of counterpart orders

as the use of special fabrics determines its sales volume, most of them are only sold in small batches; And small batch transactions are more and more profitable, and they are mainly made of deposit. Except for the initial investment cost, there is almost no sales risk, so they are increasing in the textile city

Author: Miao Zhian

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