Special function helmet and “electronic police” for safety

the safety helmet is the necessary labor protection equipment for workers. 1n the construction operation, the safety helmet can bear and disperse the impact of falling objects, and protect or reduce the impact injury caused by falling from a height, which can save a person’s life. Second, the helmet is a sign. Safety helmets of different colors can be seen on the construction site. The safety helmets worn by construction personnel, owners and supervisors are of different colors, which is convenient for identification. Red, white, blue and other colors of the helmet also constitute a beautiful scene on the site. However, the safety helmets of Chongqing Li railway headquarters of China Railway 18th bureau group have special “functions”, because there is a little secret in their safety helmets: positioning chip. Since the construction started in December 2008, the headquarters has carried out real-time remote monitoring of tunnel construction personnel through positioning chip, realizing zero accident since the construction started, and ensuring the personal safety of workers and migrant workers

China Railway 18th Bureau Group is responsible for the construction of the fifth bid section of Chongqing Lishui railway, a key project of western development, with a total length of 34.3 km and a total investment of 1.805 billion yuan. The bid section is located in Shizhu County, Chongqing city. The main quantities are 7 tunnels and 5 bridges. The proportion of bridges and tunnels in the bid section is as high as 99.3%. The geology is complex, including bedding bias, shallow burial, dangerous rock falling, water gushing, gas and other unfavorable geology. The wanshoushan tunnel with a total length of 13468 linear meters is the first long tunnel in the whole line, and the construction difficulty is few

in order to complete the construction tasks safely, efficiently, with quality and quantity guaranteed, Zhang Hailong, executive deputy commander of the headquarters, sun Kaihua, Secretary of the Party Working Committee, Bai Junhua, project manager of the first and second company, Jia Baojun and others, in addition to optimizing various construction procedures, always focus on the safety management of construction personnel entering the tunnel. 1n order to timely and dynamically grasp the number of construction personnel entering and leaving the tunnel and the construction location, the headquarters purchased a real-time remote monitoring system. The system facilities include signal transceiver, wireless identification chip, safety detection management system software, and industrial control host. They installed video probes at the entrance and face of the tunnel and displayed them through the electronic screen of the entrance, 1t can timely and accurately grasp the construction dynamics in the tunnel and the personnel status in and out of the tunnel

when a construction worker wearing a safety helmet with a positioning chip passes through the signal transceiver of the tunnel, it is immediately recognized by the system, and the information such as the road section and time passed by the person is transmitted to the safety monitoring center for recording through the information exchange of the system network. As long as they enter or leave the hole,

the computer monitoring system in the 24-hour duty room will display clearly. This move has been unanimously praised by the owners and migrant workers. They will be equipped with a chip helmet affectionately known as the security electronic “police.”

Deng Yong, deputy general manager of China Railway 18th bureau group, who accompanied the interview, said: “the remote monitoring system can also set warning areas according to the needs of construction management. When the personnel and equipment enter the warning area, the system will alarm automatically and display the identity of the personnel and equipment entering the warning area. After the completion of the warning, the alarm setting will be removed. 1t is very effective to ensure blasting safety. Moreover, the management personnel can query the identity, quantity, distribution and activity track of the personnel and equipment in the construction area at any time, supervise and implement whether the important patrol personnel check on time and arrive at the site, or detect and process various data, so as to fundamentally eliminate the related accidents caused by human factors as far as possible. “

the chip on the safety helmet and the “electronic police” ensure the safety of one side, which makes the Chongqing Li railway of China Railway 18th bureau group get good news frequently: on January 27, 2010, the 804m Xinwu tunnel became the first through tunnel of more than 500m in the whole line. 1n the first quarter and the first half of 2010, the headquarters stood out among seven construction units, He won four first places in one fell swoop, and was awarded the mobile Medal of “three to three creation and three contending” labor competition. He also ranked first in 29 bid sections under the jurisdiction of Chongqing construction headquarters of Chengdu Railway Bureau. The standardized management of the project has been rated as the demonstration site and benchmark “construction site” of Chengdu Bureau of standardization. Zhang Hailong, executive deputy commander of Chongqing Li railway of China Railway 18th bureau group, also won the locomotive Medal of Ministry of Railways in 2009

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