special functions of labor protection gloves

As we all know, labor gloves are used to protect our hands. You may ask: why is it called labor protection gloves? Does it have functions that other gloves don’t have? Yes, it is worthy of the name because it has special protective functions, which other ordinary gloves do not have. Due to the different functions of various protective gloves, the places where they are used will be different. Because of its special performance, we should take corresponding protective measures when we use it, otherwise it will not have the protective function it should have, and it is no different from other ordinary gloves. Just because the protective characteristics are very important for it, we should pay attention to the following aspects when purchasing and using:

1. We should choose the gloves suitable for ourselves according to the size of our hands: we can’t choose too small gloves, because if we choose gloves smaller than our hands, we will feel that our hands are very tight when wearing them, At the same time, it is not conducive to the circulation of blood in our hands; But we can’t choose too big gloves. 1f the gloves are too big, we will feel quite inflexible when we work, and the gloves are easy to fall off our hands

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