Special gloves for earthquake relief won national patent

gloves are common items. Have you ever seen gloves for earthquake relief? Hong Yongkui of Qingfeng County is the inventor of earthquake relief gloves. This invention has won the utility model patent issued by the State 1ntellectual Property Office

four years ago, Hong Yongkui, a brainy man, saw an earthquake in Pakistan on TV, and the hands of Chinese rescue workers were cut with stones and steel bars to bleed. To this end, he decided to invent an earthquake relief gloves. After more than two weeks of repeated research, he completed the invention with metal fingertips, metal chains, canvas and other materials. After the Wenchuan earthquake, he decided to donate his earthquake relief gloves and other patents to the country free of charge. A few days later, the State Seismological Bureau called him and spoke highly of his deeds. However, because he had no time to organize production, he could not accept technology donation. When the conditions were ripe, the production enterprise contacted him

it is understood that as an invention enthusiast, Hong Yongkui also invented snow and ice antiskid shoe holder, family dust-proof shoe holder, etc., which have obtained the national patent certificate

reporter Li Zheng, correspondent Li Qi, Yuan Bingjie

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