Special inspection on operation and use of labor protection articles in Wuhai City, 1nner Mongolia

from the middle of May to the end of August, Wuhai City, 1nner Mongolia will specially inspect the production, operation, equipment and use of labor protection articles, investigate and deal with illegal behaviors, prevent and reduce accident injuries and occupational hazards, and safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of workers

the focus of this special inspection is on non coal mines, coal washing, chemical industry, construction, electric power, metallurgy, building materials, machinery, pharmacy, electronic manufacturing, civil explosive equipment, lime kiln production and other industries, as well as production and business units of labor protection articles. The main contents of the inspection are the protection quality and safety performance of special personal protection and professional labor protection articles such as safety net, safety belt, safety helmet, protective mask, dust mask, gas mask, special work clothes, safety shoes (boots); 1mplementation of national (industry) standards, management of safety signs of special labor protection articles and relevant records management of the autonomous region in the production and sales of labor protection articles by production and business operation entities; The establishment and use of special funds for labor protection articles of production and business operation entities; Establish and implement the procurement, acceptance, storage, distribution, use, scrap and other management systems; Distribution of labor protection articles to employees in accordance with the rules for the selection of labor protection articles, the standards for the allocation of labor protection articles issued by the state and autonomous region and relevant regulations

for the problems found in the inspection, Wuhai City ordered the responsible unit to rectify within a time limit; Units with outstanding problems shall be seriously dealt with according to law; Units and individuals that illegally produce or operate labor protection articles shall actively coordinate with the administrative departments for 1ndustry and commerce to ban them. (Guo Wen)

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